Spill Absorbent and Spill Cleanup Kit

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Clean up and manage spills, leaks and drips with SpillFix granular absorbents, spill kits and boom SOCs.


Industrial Spill Management

SpillFix products are 100% organic and eco-friendly absorbents that safely contain and clean up hazardous and non-hazardous liquid spills including:

  • Cooking oils
  • Fuels
  • Liquid organic waste
  • Lubricants
  • Mild corrosives
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Solvents
  • Water-based chemicals

SpillFix products work on contact to provide instant absorption for immediate spill clean up -- cleanup time is up to 85% faster than competitor products! There is no secondary cleanup required, so you save time and money. Best of all, it can help prevent slip and fall injuries at the workplace.

Everyday Spill Cleanup

SpillFix is NSF-certified and OMRI listed for organic use and completely safe to use around food.

No absorbent contains and cleans up everyday liquid spills like SpillFix!

Whether the spill happens in your restaurant kitchen, garage, laundry room, or vehicle from a boat to a rideshare service -- SpillFix takes care of it safely and economically.

From ketchup to bleach to degreasers, SpillFix is the Number One choice for enviro-friendly cleanup.

Are you renovating or painting the house? Be sure to have SpillFix to mop up after drips and spills from paint, paint thinner, turpentine, or floor wax. It’s your best friend to keep at your side!

Spill Containment Case Study

Food Industry

SpillFix is NSF-certified and OMRI-listed for organic use and safe to use around food in test kitchens, storage, and distribution.

Transportation Industry

Quickly stops the spread of motor oil, battery acid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and other products in auto repair facilities before absorbing. Cleans spills on runways and tarmacs.

Manufacturing Industry

Water, liquid polymers, and ferric chloride are some of the many fluids used in manufacturing centers. If any should leak or spill, fast and thorough cleanup is paramount.

Distribution Center

SpillFix cleans up glues, resins, polymers, and several hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals used in manufacturing. “We’ve never had anything that can clean up the polymer,” one manufacturing customer told us. “This is a whole new avenue for us.”

Healthcare Industry

One university customer has been so pleased with the product she is planning to train students to use SpillFix before notifying maintenance staff. “This means tens of thousands in savings by preserving our buildings.”


SpillFix is NSF-certified and OMRI-listed for organic use and safe to use around food in test kitchens, storage, and distribution.

Resource Center

SpillFix is an easy-to-use, 100% natural cleaner, derived from dust made from coconut husk fibers called coir. Coir is highly absorbent and safely cleans industrial, commercial, and household liquid spills with no slippery residue left behind.

We haven’t found a liquid that SpillFix won’t absorb. Yet at one time, this material was thrown out as waste!

In addition to being highly sustainable, SpillFix can be reused, making it a valuable tool for LEAN manufacturers. It works quickly, with absolutely no waiting time or messy, time-consuming secondary clean up. It’s lighter than clay-based cleaners and up to 70% more absorbent.


100% organic, eco-friendly absorbent for hazardous and non-hazardous spills. Instant absorption. Immediate spill clean up. No secondary cleanup required allowing you to save time, save money and prevent slip and fall injuries.

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In your restaurant kitchen, the garage, the workshop or laundry room – or on the boat, RV or motorhome, or in rideshare vehicles – renovating or painting the house - no absorbent contains and cleans up liquid spills like SpillFix.

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Step 1

Illustration of SpillFix being applied to a spill

Cover the entire spill with SpillFix starting from the edges to stop spill spreading.

Step 2

Illustration of SpillFix being swept up with a broom

Immediately work the absorbent into the spill with a stiff broom or spatula.

Step 3

Illustration of SpillFix being swept up with a dustpan

Pick up with a dustpan and broom or spatula.

Step 4

Illustration of SpillFix being recycled to be reused

Store for re-use or dispose.

How to use SpillFix detailed video instructions, go to: How to use SpillFix >


From Superfood to Spill Absorbents

From its roots to its leaves, every part of the coconut palm can be utilized for daily life...

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Choose Sustainable

Human, environmental and economic sustainability for worker safety, creating less waste and cost savings.

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Lean Manufacturing

Every stage of SpillFix’s lifecycle is the epitome of environmental stewardship. Sustainability - we live it.

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"SpillFix helps us keep spills under control in dorms, cafeterias and other common areas."

Joe K., Higher Education Sector