SpillFix – the champion of the bottom line.

It’s easy to sell SpillFix spill absorbents. You’ll partner with your customers to make a positive impact on the environment. Your customers will love it – and order it again and again!

SpillFix – the champion of the bottom line.

The best industrial spill absorbent on the market!

SpillFix has developed a variety of innovative industrial spill solutions, from absorbent booms and socks to sweepable compound and spill kits. Our products come in a variety of sizes, from small, easy-to-store buckets and bags to 555 gallon super sacks. There’s a size and a use for every customer you call on.

  • It’s the best solution for spills
  • It’s affordable and cost-effective
  • OSHA approves of the change – eliminate silica dust
  • It’s healthier for backs and lungs
  • It’s green and sustainable
  • Cut the risk of slip and fall injuries on the shop floor

“I have yet to encounter a spill or leak this product can’t handle.”
– Operations Administrator, Industrial Distributor, Cleveland

Benefits of selling SpillFix

Grow your bottom line

SpillFix saves customers money, with reduced freight charges, reduced disposal charges, and less spoilage.

Unlike other absorbents, SpillFix is also reusable. It takes less SpillFix to clean up the same spill that takes a large amount of clay-based absorbent to handle.

All around… SpillFix works to protect that bottom line for your customers while giving them the satisfaction that comes from using sustainable products and solutions.

What’s more, SpillFix can help you grow your bottom line. With great price points and margins, hitting quotas will become easier as you partner with your customers to bring them the best spill absorbent on the market… all-natural, organic, and sustainable.

Who cares about silica dust?

Save your customer injury and illness claims. Silica dust, a known carcinogen found in clay absorbents, can damage the worker’s lungs.

OSHA has restrictions in place, and your customer should too. By using SpillFix, your customer can protect their workers’ lives, and avoid the possibility of costly litigation by switching to non-toxic, silica-free SpillFix.

Benefits of selling SpillFix
Benefits of selling SpillFix

Clear value and long-term satisfaction

Customers are quick to grasp the advantages of SpillFix as a less-expensive, lightweight, natural spill absorbent.

Our absorbent materials earn rave reviews from customers across a wide range of industries.

Your customers will be “wowed.” Not only will you get their repeat business, but you’ll also earn their trust.

SpillFix helps you cement client relationships and become a trusted resource.

Natural, organic, and sustainable

For companies striving to become more sustainable, SpillFix is an easy sell. It’s an easy way for companies to be good stewards of the earth. SpillFix is so absorbent, it soaks up spills with less bulk and reduces spill waste destined for the landfill by 66%. You’ll feel real satisfaction in knowing you’re helping to take care of the planet.

SpillFix is better for the planet because we:

  1. Don’t cut down trees, and no mining required
  2. Repurpose millions of tons of husk waste from the coconut industry
  3. Make SpillFix from coir waste – a plentiful, renewable resource
  4. Make it lightweight and easy to transport
  5. Guarantee is absorbs all types of spills using less absorbent that clay products. With no harmful silica dust in the air
  6. Reduce spill waste headed to the landfill by 66%
Natural, organic, and sustainable

“I’ve been in the business for a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”
– Paul, Warehouse Manager, Chicago

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A range of products

Your customers will need more than one answer when it comes to spill absorbent products, and SpillFix has more than one solution.