Could SpillFix Become Your Main Go To Absorbent Product?

When dealing with spills around the workplace, anyone on-site must be ready to both contain and to clean up any possible spill. Typically when cleaning the spill, an absorbent product is brought into the mix. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over our years of experience, it’s that when you use an absorbent product you want to use the right absorbent product.

When dealing with an industrial spill, your absorbent product needs to:

  •      Effectively clean any spill within the work area
  •      Clean up a spill within a minimal amount of time
  •      Help to render the affected area safe and clear

Fortunately companies and individuals alike can choose from a wide range of tools designed to both control and to clean a spill they may have to deal with. In fact, over the years, a variety of adsorbents have been developed to help tackle spills.

Of course, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing – and with so many absorbent products on the market it can be hard to know if your staff has just what they need in the event of a spill. That’s why it’s our personal hope that moving forward, tools like SpillFix will actually help cut down on the number of absorbent products needed and used around work sites, effectively allowing a company to responsibly clean a spill while still saving money overall.

Currently there’s four primary types of absorbent products that SpillFix either qualifies as or can effectively supplement, if not fully replace:

  1.     Loose absorbents – SpillFix itself is a great example of a “loose” absorbent, though the product is different from other common loose absorbents, especially those that are clay based. SpillFix – sold as a powdery substance that can immediately be dispersed on a contained spill – is non-carcinogenic, dust free, and non-abrasive. Once used, SpillFix can be safely disposed of within a business’ main trash bins, ensuring that if the used product is not disposed of properly (an accident that can happen at any worksite), it will not leak its absorbed materials back into the Earth. SpillFix super absorbency also means that nearly 80% less product is required as compared with clay based absorbents. Talk about getting your bang for your buck!
  2.     Absorbent mats – Absorbent mats are typically seen as a tool that can be used on “big” spills. Sold under both universal and specialized labels, mats are commonly used to take care of drips and leaks in addition to spills. While still a great tool, we believe that SpillFix’s amazing absorbent properties could replace an absorbent mat in many cases. Additionally, SpillFix works on a variety of spills, from oil to fuels to paint – meaning that while you need specialized mats to address specific spills, SpillFix is a universal and easier to use tool.
  3.     Absorbent socks – Sometimes there’s very little time to address a spill. When this happens, absorbent socks can both contain and begin to work on absorbing a spill. Just like mats, socks are sold to address specific spills separately – but let’s be honest, no one wants to make sure they’ve grabbed an oil vs. normal sock when something is spilled and a fast response is needed. Fortunately, SpillFix socks work on a wide range of spills just like their powder absorbent counterpart!
  4.     Chemical absorbents and neutralizers – On today’s current absorbent market, chemical absorbents and neutralizers are sold separately from mainline absorbents. But did you know that SpillFix can in fact handle a number of chemical spills? While highly corrosive materials may require more specialized absorbent tools, SpillFix can easily handle a wide range of the types of chemical spills that may occur on a work site.

As you can see, SpillFix’s versatility makes it a useful product in a number of situations Of course, there are several other types of absorbent products that SpillFix cannot replace – and for good reason. While many absorbent products are designed to clean a spill, other absorbent products can effectively prevent a spill. Some examples of these types of products are:

  1.     Absorbent pillows and pans – Looking to keep liquids and oils from getting into sumps, tanks, holding ponds and other containers at work? Specialized absorbent pillows and pans might be just what you need. While SpillFix is great for addressing a spill once it happens, we’re big fans of preventing spills in the first place; pillows and pans can help make this a reality.
  2.     Special application absorbents – Over time tools have been developed to address industry specific problems. For example – hospitals can purchase mats designed specifically for use in surgery, and tools exist to absorbent any valve or high pressure hose drips right at the source. So while SpillFix is an excellent industrial spill tool, we understand that sometimes you need a different absorbent to address your worksite needs.

This means that there are essentially six primary types of absorbent products on the market today, and SpillFix can effectively qualify as a replacement or assistant tool for four of those products. What do you think – are you ready SpillFix a try to see how it can help your bottom line around your worksite?