Do You Have The Right Spillkit For The Job?

Let’s talk about spill kits.

Image courtesy of Flickr user russellstreet.
Image courtesy of Flickr user russellstreet.

Spill kits are fantastic tools for anyone working with oils, acids, fuels and other liquids that could be spilled in any number of locations, such as warehouses, factories, refineries, autoshops, garages, or laboratories and even hospitals. And that’s just to name a few locations that may deal with liquid spills!

Put simply, if your worksite handles liquids of some sort, particularly hazardous ones, then your worksite also needs a comprehensive spill kit – and to get that comprehensive spill kit, it’s good practice to develop your own spill response supply arsenal.

Why? Because pre-made spill kits don’t necessarily include all of the tools that your work site needs – or wants. Consider these points:

  • If your worksite is trying to become more environmentally friendly, then there’s a chance that the individual items in pre-made spill kits won’t match the goals you’ve set in an effort to become greener.
  • If your worksite is looking to improve worker safety, there’s a chance that some pre-made spill kits will contain products with harmful chemicals or by-products such as silica dust, which your company may not necessarily want on-site.
  • If your worksite deals with multiple types of liquids, buying multiple pre-made spill kits may not necessarily guarantee that every spill control product you want will be available when you need it; by making your own spill kits and restocking them with items deemed necessary by your specific company, your worksite will always have a customer spill kit that contains exactly what it needs on hand.

Though it’s tempting to just buy pre-made spill kits, your company will be better off if it invests the time, energy and money into researching and even developing custom-made spill kits containing spill products that will meet your work site’s specific needs when used. It may be that pre-made spill kits do in fact meet your company’s every need! Ultimately, though, your company can only benefit from taking the time to ensure that its spill kits are meeting their every need – and that those kits will be enough in a worse-case scenario spill or accident.

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