How to clean up fuel spills at a gas station

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How to clean up fuel spills at a gas station - Gas Station Spill Cleanup

Busy and bustling day in and out, when fuel gets spilt at a gas station it is bad news! Whether it’s from a spilt fuel can or a bowser nozzle fallen on the ground, fuel spills spread quickly and pose hazards for staff and customers. Not to mention the time wasted and money lost when bowsers are out of action.

So how do you quickly clean up spills at a busy gas station?

Mats and chemicals aren’t the answer

While many gas stations use mats and chemical sprays to clean up fuel spills, this method is time consuming and not hugely effective. Laying down mats requires a long wait until the spill is ready to be cleaned up, and even then, removing the residue left behind by the gasoline is difficult even with hot water and chemicals. All while cleanup is happening, gas station attendants are away from the counter and the bowser is unable to be used.

Clean up slick-free in under 2 minutes

Step One | Stop the spread of the spill

When the spill happens, grab your bag or jar of SpillFix Granular Absorbent and spread the material around the edges of the spill, continuing until the spill is completely covered. Since SpillFix is made from 100% coconut husk, it’s lightweight and easy to quick transport to your spill. Plus, it lays down easily, even in windy conditions – like a gas station driveway on a fall afternoon!

Step Two | Absorb the spill

Once you’ve got the absorbent laid down, immediately begin sweeping the SpillFix back and forth with a stiff broom until all liquid is absorbed. Due to its capillary nature, SpillFix Granular Absorbent soaks up fluids like gasoline or fuel and can actually be reused until fully saturated.

Step Three | Sweep up and dispose

Using a broom and scoop sweep up the used granular absorbent into a bin or bag. Used SpillFix can be reused until the material is fully saturated. After cleaning up the initial absorbent, if needed apply a little more SpillFix absorbent to the area, sweep again and leave the area slick free!

Watch how quickly SpillFix cleans up gasoline spilt on a cement floor

Clean up gasoline, fuel, oil and more in less than 2 minutes with SpillFix granular absorbent. Don’t lose time and money with risky fuel spills blocking your gas station driveway, switch to SpillFix and leave your gas station slick-free and safe from spills.

Why choose SpillFix

SpillFix is a lightweight concentrated super absorbent made from 100% coconut husk. All-natural, organic and sustainable, SpillFix granular absorbent soaks up spills quickly and effectively, without the need for secondary mop and bucket clean up.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainably made
  • Non-toxic and safe to use, keeping your staff safe
  • Leaves behind clean, slick-free surfaces, reducing slips and falls
  • Works 80% faster than clay-based cleaners, reducing staff time spent cleaning too

Better for people, better for the planet, better for spills!