How to maintain your spill kit

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How to maintain your spill kit

Your spill kit is the first defense against spills that threaten the productivity and safety of your workplace. Whether its oil leaks, chemical spills or flocculant spills, your spill kit provides a fast and safe response for you and your time. This makes maintaining your spill kit an essential part of regular maintenance, no matter your industry. Learn how to maintain your spill kit with Spillfix!

Establishing workplace procedures

Train your staff team

When spills happen, your team needs to respond fast. There is no room for figuring it out at the time, as what start as small spills can become big hazards very quickly. When you implement the use of spill kits, make sure to train your staff on how to use them.

Take note of what products the spill kits contain and what each is used for. It may seem self-explanatory, but being clear with everyone ensures no one is left unsure of how to address a spill when it happens. In addition to knowing how to use spill kits, ensure your team knows where all the kits are, especially those closest to their work station.

Establish systems and response plans

What is the process staff will follow if a spill happens? Keeping staff safe and production moving are important in a fast-paced industrial workplace, so systems and response plans for spills are imperative. Establish responsibility and a plan of action so that all staff know what to do.

To make it easy, we’ve developed a free spill response plan you can download and implement right away with your SpillFix spill kits.

Conduct routine spill kit checks

As a part of maintaining your entire workplace, roster in routine spill kit checks as well. This will help keep your spill kits maintained and in the correct places. The last thing you want is for a spill to occur and not have the right materials or not be able to find the spill kit while hazardous chemicals or oil spread across the floor.

Maintaining your spill kit

1 | Check the contents of your spill kit

Open each of your spill kits up and assess their contents. Do they have all the required materials? What is missing or is low? Make a list as you go through each spill kit and after checking them, immediately place an order with your supplier. If you are routinely using up the same items, consider setting up an ongoing order when you know you’re just about the run out.

Ideally your kits should contain:

– Lightweight granular absorbent
Mat pads and pillows
Boom socks

2 | Ensure all spill kit parts are working

Examine the equipment and check for any wear, tear or breakage. Make sure you replace items that are broken or on the way out, not just ones that are missing. A poorly maintained product could be the difference between safely containing a spill and a workplace slip and fall accident.

3 | Confirm each spill kit is strategically placed

Placement of your spill kits is almost as important as having the kits themselves. When you conduct your maintenance consider recent spill incidences or equipment and areas with higher risk, are the kits strategically placed for quick and effective response? Move any kits that need to be relocated or put back in their intended location.

Looking for high performing spill kits that can handle any industrial spill? Look no further than SpillFix spill kits! The only spill kit to contain granular absorbent, our kits have everything you need to quickly and effectively stop spills and leave surfaces clean and slick-free.

For more help with keeping your workplace safe and minimizing downtime from spills, download our free spill response checklist and read our blog on how to prevent spills from becoming hazards.

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