The 4 Big Reasons You Should Switch From Your Absorbent Product To SpillFix

Chances are that if your company keeps an absorbent product stocked up on site, no one has given their absorbent product of choice a second thought in some time, opting instead to continue using the same one they always have. But if you haven’t changed your absorbent product in a year or so, now is the perfect time to ask yourself: are there better products out there that will do their job and also save me money? We’re happy to tell you: Yes, there are! (more…)

3 Ways You Can Protect Your Eyesight At Work (And At Home)

In the time spent reading this sentence you’ve blinked once or twice and never even thought about it. You’re not alone; many of us don’t think twice about our eyes throughout the day, and as a result we may overlook a range of things that could harm them. Overlooking any risk factors at work or home, however, is a huge mistake. (more…)

5 Ways SpillFix Can Help And Improve Your Worksite

Every worksite should always aim to help its workers and improve its safety measures and work processes. How a company goes about doing these things often depends on the type of work being done and the company’s structure overall. But if your company could find itself dealing with some sort of liquid spill at any time during its operations, we can definitely recommend at least one change that will make a massive difference: introduce SpillFix to your spill clean-up process. (more…)