SpillFix A Necessary Addition To Acid Spill Clean Up Procedures

Different jobs naturally come with different risks, especially when considering how many materials are handled by different industries each day. For example, in some cases, a work hazard may include the possibility of liquid or fuel spills; at other work sites, however, the materials that could potentially be spilled or leaked could possibly even more hazardous to deal with in the wrong circumstances.

One of the other materials that potentially be spilled with hazardous results includes acids. Acids are specifically defined as chemical substances that neutralize alkalis and dissolve some metals; they are by their nature corrosive substances. It’s those corrosive properties that make the acid clean up process more complicated; Acid spills are particularly dangerous due the possibility of chemical burns or the inhalation of acid fumes; both of these incidents can result in severe damage to the skin or lungs, which will result in discomfort at least, if not  more serious medical issues.

It’s important to note that the acids SpillFix is concerned about are not to be confused with the ones naturally found in citrus fruits or in the vinegars we use for cooking; instead, when our team thinks about acids that would be involved in industry acid spill clean up procedures, we’re thinking of the more heavy duty and potentially dangerous substances. Some examples of acids we are concerned about include:

  • Those involved in the manufacture of fertilizers.
  • Those that are used to help in the manufacturing of dyes.
  • Those used within cell phone batteries.
  • Those used to treat the steel used in construction.
  • Those used by the iron and steel industry to remove rust, especially from cars.
  • Those involved in the creation of explosives.
  • Those that are used in engineering, biology and chemistry labs and have a very high corrosive element.

In all of these cases, we know that an acid spill in any location could have negative consequences. Whether that spill happens in a storage unit, during the transportation of the acid, or in a lab or other work site, once any acid begins leaking, the employees and people nearby must be ready to respond. And in addition to proper training, work sites need to always have the proper materials available in their acid spill kits.

While there are a number of acid clean up products already available, we know that sometimes, those products do not work as well as they should. Additionally, it’s been noted by customers that many booms or absorbents in particular are not as effective as they could be.

That’s why we’re proud to say that SpillFix can greatly improve the acid spill clean-up procedure and reduce the complexity of the clean-up process, particularly when dealing with mild corrosives. Consider these two points:

  • Normally, when using over-the-counter acid neutralizing products, one needs to use very specific products on very specific acid spills; this can be a nuisance in the midsts of the emergency spill situation. SpillFix, however, is a universal absorbent, meaning that it can be used to stop and absorb the worst of a spill while employees look for the proper neutralizer, if it’s still needed.
  • A common neutralizer that’s used in acid spills is a dry powder, whereas our product is not. Our experience in clean-ups is that powder-based products are difficult to use, difficult to clean-up, and are often easily inhaled, which can result in discomfort at the very least. SpillFix, however, is simple to use, is easy to clean up, and is not a powder-based product; it is also completely risk-free to use and will have no ill effect on anyone’s health.

Available at a low cost, our SpillFix absorbent products are as fast acting on chemical and acid spills as they are on oil spills. We highly recommend integrating SpillFix into the acid spill response routine. You can learn more about SpillFix by visiting our website, as well as watching this one-minute exploration of SpillFix, how it works, and why it’s the perfect product for any company that may face a spill and clean-up process of any kind at any time.