SpillFix on The Today Show with Hoda Kotb & Steve Greenberg

SpillFix found phenomenal attention last Friday when it was demonstrated by Steve Greenberg on NBC’s the Today morning show. Hoda commented that she was amazed she had not heard about SpillFix and called it a “Miracle Spill Fixer”. Check out the Today Show video clip from The Today Show with Steve Greenberg, Hoda Kotb, and Andy Grammer! SpillFix was called a miraculous product and is available for only $5.99 from Jegs.

The advantages SpillFix offer include:

  • Lightweight – easy to transport and handle.
  • Suitable for all types of spills – eliminating the need for multiple products and potential hazards. Some absorbents are not suitable for certain liquids and can become volatile.
  • No waiting – the immediate high-absorbency of SpillFix means the mess is cleaned up in no time at all.
  • No residue – the complete absorbency of SpillFix eliminates all spill-residue, so the area is rendered safe and non-slippery immediately.
  • Diverse usability – SpillFix has multiple applications other than spill clean up. It can be used as a reusable waterless cleaner for hands, tools and equipment.