Stop spills from impacting your truck safety

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truck spills

With approximately 11.84 billion tons of freight moved and over 36 million trucks on the road every year in the USA, spill management and response is important for truck drivers, fleet managers and everyone in the industry. Having effective spill response as well as the tools to help you clean up hazards quickly is key to keeping trucks moving, deliveries happening on time and ensuring truck safety.

Common spills for trucks

Vehicle breaking down and requiring minor repairs

When trucks breakdown and require repairs on site, oil and hydraulic fluid can easily create a mess in or on your vehicle or on you.

Blowing a hydraulic hose

Whether ruptured or blown completely, damaged hydraulic hoses can cause quite a mess. From leaks to larger spills, drivers and depot workers need to be prepared to quickly stop and address hazards.

Truck load spilling inside or out of the vehicle

Paint, soda, oil and more, there are countless items that are being transported by trucks every day that are spill risks. Especially when spilt inside, or outside prior to reaching the delivery location, drivers need to be prepared to clean these spills.

Accident while on the road

With so much time spent driving, accidents inevitably happen. When they occur, even when minor, leaks and spills can occur and cause great risks to both the truck and other vehicles on the road.

Ensuring a quick spill response with truck spill kits

The right tools and materials go a long way in enabling a quick and effective spill response. For truck drivers on the road, or fleet managers and workers at busy depots, having lightweight and practical truck spill kits that are easily accessible are half the battle. SpillFix spill kits are perfect for trucks and depots, given they are the only spill kits to include granular absorbent. Lightweight, non-toxic and highly effective against spills of all kinds, SpillFix granular absorbent stops spills in their tracks and leaves a slick free clean. Plus SpillFix is eco-friendly and made from 100% coconut husk, so it won’t cause damage to the local environment, people or wildlife where it is used.

When a potentially disastrous spill happened when a truck was delivering stock to a large paint manufacturer depot, SpillFix cleaned up the mess in no time and stopped the spill causing permanent damage.

“A five-gallon tub of acrylic paint was knocked over while a delivery truck was being unloaded. Even after the workers’ quick response, at least a half-gallon of beige paint was spilled onto the cement driveway.

[Using Spillfix Granular Absorbent] the spill was cleaned up in a matter of minutes. [Our worker] sprayed the stained concrete with a little Simple Green to loosen the drying acrylic paint, then used a second application of SpillFix to clean it completely. Every bit of stain color was removed from the concrete – Everyone was astonished.” – Branch Manager, Large Paint Manufacturer

SpillFix Truck Spill Kit in Robust Stowaway Bag

What’s in a good truck spill kit

Spillfix can help you with truck spills of all kinds, including:

  • Drips from trucks
  • Spills inside truck
  • Accident causing leaks
  • Burst Hydraulic hoses
  • Engine Oil leaks
  • Transmission Oil leaks
  • Radiator Fluid leaks
  • Anti-freeze spills and leaks
  • Paint and grease
  • Clean Oily/Greasy Hands