Chemical Spill Response Procedure in the Workplace

Chemical Spill Response Procedure in the Workplace

Just about every workplace has a chemical spill risk; some are just higher than the others.

Job sites like auto repair facilities, oil refineries, and a range of manufacturers have an obvious need for a chemical spill response and cleanup procedure. But consider that even low-risk sites like offices need a chemical spill cleanup plan when, for example, coolant leaks out from air conditioning, or a delivery truck gushes gasoline, or oil in the parking lot.

Most Worksites Probably Need a Chemical Spill Emergency Response Plan

In our opinion, any workplace where a chemical spill is possible, needs an emergency response plan, particularly if a spilled liquid has flammable properties or poses a health risk from inhaling fumes or through skin contact.

Common Batteries Can Produce Chemical Spills

When people assure us that there their worksite is safe from chemical spills, we’re tempted to ask them how old their smartphone batteries are. Sometimes we do.