The Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries

The Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injury was responsible for 1.1 million days away from work in 2017, with the majority of cases occurring in the private workforce. On a grimmer note, they are the second-leading cause of death among elderly persons. 

Part of this is because there rarely is anything alleviate the impact of a slip and fall; few people fall on a soft surface or happen to be wearing a restraint. The key is to prevent a fall injury in the first place.

Slippery Surfaces and Back Injury From Falling Backwards 

Slippery surfaces, like wet or greasy floors, practically invite back injuries, especially back injury caused by falling backwards.

Researchers have found that slipping interrupts a person’s center of gravity (COG), as opposed to stumbling and recovering balance. Some people, particularly older ones, will fall backward when their COG is thrown off-balance. If the faller lands on the buttocks, there will probably just be soreness, but falling on a bony part like the back can result in a devastating injury. (more…)