3 Small Things That Make A Big Difference At Work

Springtime is strongly associated with an annual cleaning and clearing out of our homes. But our living area isn’t the only space that deserves a little extra attention. Given that we spend much of our lives in our workspace, it makes sense to give our place of employment a “spring cleaning” lookover, too. (more…)

Coming Soon: OSHA’s Top 10 Violations Of 2014

Workplace safety. We talk about it all the time, and we do this because of how important the matter really is. The number one reason workplace safety policies and guidelines are so important is, of course, that they help protect the well-being of the people going to and from their jobs every day. In addition to this, they help make a company stronger overall. Finally, with a range of federal organizations helping to craft laws that define at least a minimum level of safety adherence, ignoring the importance of safety policies and regulations is simply asking for more trouble than its worth. (more…)

Work Safety And Housekeeping Go Hand And Hand

When combating, dealing with and cleaning any spills at work – from acid spills to chemical spills to liquid spills – it’s easy to assume that the most important tool in your spill cleanup arsenal is a good, environmentally sound absorbent product. But in actuality, there is one thing that’s even more important than your absorbent product: your housekeeping abilities. (more…)

Wellness in the Workplace: The Key To Increasing Employee Productivity

Before you put your spring cleaning checklist away for another year, take a moment today to ask yourself: am I fostering a healthy workplace? If you are, now may be the time to update your workplace wellness plan – and if you don’t, now is definitely the time to start considering how you can encourage wellness in your workforce. (more…)