What makes a good Spill Kit

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When it comes to spills in your workplace or business, you need the right tools and plan to deal with hazards quickly. Spill Kits bring together all the items you need to effectively and swiftly stop and clean spills as they happen.

What then, makes a good Spill Kit and how do you choose the best one for your needs?

Contents of a quality Spill Kit

SpillFix Bag

Granular Absorbent

To not just stop spills from spreading, but make them easy and safe to clean, your Spill Kit needs a quality granular absorbent. While mats and pads are useful, they can make it difficult to completely remove many types of spills. A good granular absorbent allows you to clean up a slick instantly once you remove a mat or pad. 

So as to not create more hazards, look for a granular absorbent that does not contain carcinogenic silica dust (like most clay-based absorbents), one that can do a slick-free clean and can be used and disposed of safely. 

SpillFix Bucket


Help keep your supplies safe and easy to transport with a bucket or sturdy bag. A good kit will be packaged in a good container that not only stores all of the supplies but makes it easy to quickly transport it to a spill when it happens.

Absorbent Mats

Mat pads & pillows

Maintain a clean and safe workplace using pads and pillows in those hard-to-reach places under and around machines. Pillows or pads are ideal to catch drips and cover work areas for extra safety. 

In your Spill Kit, pads and pillows help with quickly getting a spill under control and keeping an area safe after the cleanup is done. 

SpillFix Absorbent Boom Sock

Boom socks

To stop a spill getting out of hand you need a highly absorbent boom sock to control the area and stop the spill from spreading.

PPE for Spill Cleanup


Worker safety is one of the top priorities in most workplaces, especially factories, shops and other locations where spills commonly occur. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential element of a good Spill Kit, so that workers can deal with spills without threatening their health or safety.

Features to look for

Lightweight and easy to move

When a spill occurs, the last thing you want is a really heavy kit that takes multiple workers or extreme effort to transport to the site of the spill. The right Spill Kit will be as lightweight and easy to move as possible, helping you fix spills quickly!

Kits with clay absorbents are often heavier compared to organic absorbents due to the weight of the clay, so consider this when choosing your Spill Kit. 

A granular absorbent to get a slick-free clean

After you’ve gotten your kit to the spill, you want it to work effectively to get a slick-free clean. Look for a Kit that effectively sucks up spills of all kinds and makes it easier to scoop or sweep up, rather than creating more of a sloppy mess. 

Easy to store

Workplaces are full of supplies and work equipment, so your Spill Kit needs to be easy to store neatly and in an accessible way. Look for something in an easy to store bag or container, that keeps your entire Kit together and transportable.  

Ability to easily refill

When spills happen – and they will – you need to be able to easily refill your supplies. Make sure you purchase a Kit that can be easily refilled as you run out of certain items or things wear out.

Want a Spill Kit that can give a deep clean, leaving no slicks and makes an environmental difference?