Why SpillFix is an EHS essential for your business

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Whether you own your own business or work for an employer, environmental health and safety programs and processes are an essential part of work. EHS managers, safety officers and shift managers all play different roles in ensuring the safety of all workers, including mitigating every day risk and minimising hazards.

In workplaces using chemicals, oils and other substances, the potential for spills is a large hazard that can be difficult to avoid. Even with the best practices – spills happen! So how do you ensure your workplace and workers stay safe?

Why SpillFix is an EHS essential for your business

Removing slicks and reducing risk

When it comes to spills, stopping the spread and mopping up the initial substance is not enough. For busy factories, kitchens and shops, a slick-free clean is essential for keeping business productivity and worker safety up to scratch.

Unlike when only using pads, utilising SpillFix granular absorbent leaves a slick-free clean without the time and energy taken to lay pads, wait, mop, wait – and all the steps it takes to clean up a spill. SpillFix quickly absorbs the spill and enables workers to simple sweep up and dispose of the absorbent. Take 5 minutes not 5 hours for a slick-free clean!

See the difference for yourself

Quickly responding to hazards

When spills happen, whether big or small, taking action quickly is essential to ensure minimal disruption and potential for harm. To help you effectively and efficiently respond to spill hazards, SpillFix has developed spill kits in a variety of sizes.

Our spill kits include all the essential; like mats, pillows, a boom sock and personal protection gear, but they also include our amazing granular absorbent – SpillFix! This addition of the lightweight, highly absorbent SpillFix makes it quick and easy to grab your spill kit and both stop workplace spills in their tracks and leave the area clean and slick-free.
Quicker cleaning means less risk!

Keeping workers safe

For spills of all sorts, a granular absorbent is an essential piece of cleaning up the hazard. However what many workplaces don’t know is that the commonly used clay-based absorbents can be carcinogenic. Continued exposure to clay-based absorbents, pouring them onto spills and breathing them in, can be extremely detrimental to workers dealing with spills and working in the area. Enter SpillFix – our granular absorbent is created with 100% coconut husk, making it organic and non-toxic, perfect for keeping workers safe.

Looking to implement SpillFix in your workplace but need the support of your EHS Manager? Or maybe you are an EHS manager who needs help to get company leadership over the line?