Why SpillFix makes sense for Flocculants spill cleanup

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Why SpillFix makes sense for Flocculants spill cleanup

Throughout the USA and the world, industries like wastewater treatment, food processing, metal processing, pulp and paper manufacturing and metals and mineral mining, all use forms of the polymer flocculants in their production processes. Whether it’s non-ionic flocculants, anionic flocculants or cationic flocculants, this slippery polymer has many industrial uses and with its uses, creates many hazardous spills. Compared to other surfaces we consider slippery, like ice or steel which have a friction coefficient of 0.030, polymers have a friction coefficient of 0.013 making them more slippery and dangerous.

However flocculant drips and spills don’t have to remain difficult to clean, slip and fall risks for staff! SpillFix granular absorbent is proven to easily and quickly clean up flocculants leaving no slippery residue. Make flocculants spill cleanup a simple process in your workplace.

The SpillFix difference for flocculant spills

Leave surfaces residue-free and reduce hazards

Slip and fall hazards happen in all workplaces, with over 500,000 injuries happening yearly from falls in North America alone. With such a high impact for individuals and businesses, the need to mitigate slip and fall risks is of paramount importance. The slippery residue flocculants spills leave behind, is a large hazard for these accidents.

Unlike other absorbents that require secondary cleanup, and copious amounts of material, SpillFix absorbs spilt flocculants quickly and easily. 100ml of SpillFix is all you need to clean 50ml of spilt flocculants and its slippery residue. Simply lay down SpillFix granular absorbent on the spill, sweep back and forth with a stiff broom and scoop up the soiled absorbent.

Granular Absorbent Bag 13 gallons / 50 liters Pallet

Make cleanup easy and quick for your staff

When spills happen, quick spill response is needed to ensure safety but also productivity. Many common industry spill kits and granular absorbent products are heavy or bulky, making them a hurdle for quick and easy cleanup rather than a help. With SpillFix you get a lightweight, fast-acting chemical-free granular absorbent. Plus all our spill kits come with granular absorbent included, so you can make cleanup easy and quick for your staff.

Getting started with SpillFix - step 1

Lay down SpillFix granular absorbent on the spill

Getting started with SpillFix - step 2

Sweep back and forth with a stiff broom

Getting started with SpillFix - step 3

Scoop up the soiled absorbent

Minimise downtime in your plant and improve your productivity

Operations, plant and factory managers everywhere can agree, downtime in the workplace is frustrating and problematic. Work grinds to a halt and productivity is impacted. Where every minute counts for the profitability and production of a business, spills creating diversions and taking equipment out of action is a big problem. Using SpillFix means you can soak up spills instantly, with no waiting time or messy secondary cleanup required to leave surfaces slick-free. Clean up spills in 5 minutes not 5 hours, and maximise uptime for your workplace.

What flocculants spills can SpillFix help with?

  • Spillage from draining during sampling after batch making
  • Spillage from draining make-down tank to dosing tank
  • Spills and leaks from choking pipes due to flocculant fisheyes
  • Spillage from overflow of the make-down tank
  • Air blown flocculant particle creating drips or pools
  • Water spillage while mixing to form a sludge
  • Solidifying waste water sludges
  • and all other flocculant leaks and spills!

See how SpillFix works on flocculants for yourself, order a free sample today!

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