Clay Absorbent vs SpillFix Absorbent

Clay absorbents, of which the most popular is oil dri (commonly referred to by industry as kitty litter) are widely used to deal with spill cleanups.

These absorbents have their limitations and cannot be used in many instances because they can be reactive to many types of chemical and other spills. Clay absorbents are very heavy, has to be left on spills for some time and are also dusty with carcinogenic Silica dust.

Recommended for better spill management is switching to using SpillFix universal spill absorbents. SpillFix absorbs and encapsulates the spill, whereas clay absorbents only get coated with the spill.


Heavy 25lb, 40lb and 60lb bags of Clay has to be picked up and carted to the spill. Most times the entire bag is used on the spill regardless of the size of the spill.


  • Heavy bags can cause back injuries.
  • Inhalation of toxic Silica dust can cause lung disease.
  • Uneconomical use of product.
  • Heavy bags ruptures easily.
  • 4 pallets weigh 6,800lbs

SpillFix is a lightweight concentrated super absorbent. In most instances only about a handful of SpillFix will do the job instead of an entire heavy 25lb bag of Clay.


  • Lightweight.
  • Dust Free – No exposure to carcinogenic Silica dust.
  • If too much product is used, SpillFix can be re-used.
  • Tough rupture resistant SmartBags.
  • 1 pallet weighs 960lbs 70% less product required
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Clay cannot soak up a spill instantly, it must be left on the spill for a long time, creating an unsafe no-go zone.


  • Time wasted.
  • Time extended danger zone that can cause slip and fall injuries.
  • After the spill/clay cleanup a slick residue remains.
  • Secondary cleanup necessary with detergent chemicals and mop and bucket.

SpillFix Organic Universal Absorbent absorbs spills instantly. You do not leave it down or wait for hours.


  • Save time with immediate cleanup.
  • No danger zone created – No slip and fall accidents.
  • Clean to a dry surface avoiding the need for secondary clean up.
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Large quantity of hazardous waste is created each time a spill occurs.


  • Hazardous non-landfill safe waste.
  • High cost for waste disposal.

Waste produced by spill and absorbent reduced by 75%.


  • Non-hazardous landfill safe waste.
  • Cost of waste disposal massively reduced.
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Clay Absorbent vs SpillFix Absorbent 1


SpillFix is formulated from premium coir. Coir (also known as coir fiber pith) is free of any chemicals and toxins. It is sustainable produce from coconut husks.

SpillFix has a unique, highly absorbent porous structure unlike anything else. Each particle resembles a small sponge with an astounding natural structure that creates an incredible surface area. An area estimated to be 244,000 ft2 per gallon unit volume. This makes SpillFix at least four times more absorbent than any other industrial absorbent. Pictured is SpillFix material (image magnification X350).

SpillFix (Coir)295%67%
Diatomite (Clay)40%27%