Case Study: National Building Products Manufacturer


INDUSTRY: Building Products Manufacturing

LOCATIONS ABSORBENT USED: Factory floor, Maintenance

PRIMARY SPILLS: Emulsifiers, Adhesives, Foaming agents

SPILLFIX ABSORBENTS USED: Absorbent Dispenser Jar, Granular Absorbent, Absorbent Bucket


  1. Left no residue
  2. Cleaned up everything from liquids to highly viscous materials
  3. Less absorbent required
  4. Reduced cost of cleanup


“I saw SpillFix 2 years ago at a Fastenal Show. I saw Chris do a hands-on, live demo and I was just blown away!

Chris came to our plant and did a demo for all maintenance technicians on site – the techs were apprehensive and put SpillFix to the test and it picked up even the difficult stuff. It literally picked up everything we threw at SpillFix. We ordered a pallet the next day!

The fact that we can reuse it is fantastic as well.

We use SpillFix to clean up drywall raw ingredients, like emulsifiers, adhesives, foaming agents, all have different viscosities from super thick, sticky, tacky, to super slick, runny liquids, all over the spectrum and SpillFix works on everything.

Once we got SpillFix in, we threw every single product at it, including the oils and hydraulic fluids which run the machinery. Our techs were blown away by SpillFix (if our techs are impressed by it, its gotta be a good product).

One of the techs said: “Wow this stuff’s pretty awesome.”  For him to compliment it, it’s a big deal. Now spills are cleaned up quickly and it’s over and done with and it wasn’t the big pain in the butt it used to be to clean up spills.

It’s changed how they (techs) do things now because it’s so easy.

We have two SpillFix cabinet stations and the techs have shaker bottles in every single golf cart.

We don’t have many massive spills but we had a bad puncture of a mixer – pretty big mess. SpillFix makes the cleanup the quickest cleanup we have ever had in the history of our plant!

We’ve phased out using any other products and are now using nothing but SpillFix.

Another impressive feature of SpillFix is how it cleans up everything, without leaving a residue. One adhesive and one emulsifier are so difficult to pick up, all other products we used in the past from kitty litter to New Pig high-end products and “no matter what we did it” left a residue and film, but with SpillFix, you do the initial clean then sprinkle a little bit more and brush it and it instantly cleans it up. No residue.

We could never get it cleaned up completely, you’d get up what you could and go over it again and again. We would have guys down on their hands and knees with rags cleaning it up but it would always be a little bit slick after all the cleanup and the floor would get tacky. Then you’d have to scrape it off again in the end,

Drop SpillFix on that spot for a minute, and it gets all of it off. Fast, easy and effective.

Because SpillFix is so good, we can reuse it again and again. We purchased empty 4-gallon buckets. When we have a cleanup we grab one and put the used product back in there and everyone knows that’s the reuse bucket because it sits at the front.

When people look at the cost they may think it’s expensive but when you look at it in the grand scheme of things, you’re using it so much less, it picks up so much more, and you can reuse it again and again.

We throw fully used (fully saturated) SpillFix into 55-gallon drums and a service comes to pick it up and do what they need to do to get rid of it.

Overall I would say, it is cutting at least in half the quantity we are consuming, maybe even more than half. So far we are 6 months in and we’ve barely put a dent into our supply. Before, one average spill was 2 or 3 bags of kitty litter opposed to just 1 lb of SpillFix.

Cleaning up spills with SpillFix is faster, easier and more effective.

Our management group is pretty good with trying to make everyone’s lives a bit easier which is something SpillFix does – there is no question about it, over the long haul this is absolutely going to save you money. The biggest selling point for us (maintenance managers/purchasing) is the effectiveness of the product.”
Purchasing Agent, National Drywall Manufacturer