Frequently Asked Questions

SpillFix is an all-natural absorbent made 100% from coconuts. Coconut trees grow naturally in tropical and sub-tropical coastal areas, and consequently most of the world’s coconut supply comes from south Asia, particularly from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. While the interior flesh and milk from the coconut are used for food and cosmetic products, the husk (or coir) is a fibrous substance that is used for clothing, rope, bedding, and a variety of other products. Also contained within the husk is a more granular substance (the pith) from which SpillFix is derived. Until recently, this substance was considered to be little more than a waste product of the coconut industry. But the creator of SpillFix  researched the tremendous absorptive qualities of coconut pith, and began producing it as an agricultural growth medium, pet bedding and litter, and an effective absorbent for liquid spill mitigation. Today, SpillFix is used in a variety of industrial, commercial and home applications to handle liquid spills both large and small.

Nearly every liquid can be easily absorbed by SpillFix, thanks to the unique structure that makes up each of its granules. If you looked at a single granule of SpillFix, you would see hundreds of hollow chambers (imagine a cross-section of a honeycomb). Because of the nature of capillary action, standing liquid is literally sucked in to the chambers of the SpillFix granule. The ratio of absorption for SpillFix is 900% – in other words, it can absorb and hold onto 9x its weight in liquid. There are a few isolated liquids (such as liquid mercury) that SpillFix will not absorb, due to the molecular structure of these materials (the cohesive force holding their molecules together is greater than the adhesive force exerted on the molecules by the solid SpillFix). But the truth is, there is no product that would absorb these liquids. So if a liquid CAN be absorbed…SpillFix will absorb it – quickly, safely and effectively.

There are absolutely no health risks whatsoever associated with the proper use of SpillFix. The same cannot be said of clay absorbents, which contain crystalline silica dust, which can cause a variety of dangerous medical conditions, including silicosis and lung cancer. (OSHA has recently released a set of regulations for industry which is designed to limit workers’ exposure to silica dust.) SpillFix on the other hand is dust free, chemical free, organic and 100% natural. In fact, it has been certified by OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute) and NSF (the National Sanitation Foundation) as safe to use around food handling and preparation. There is no absorbent product available today that is safer than SpillFix when it comes to cleaning up commercial, industrial and residential liquid spills.

Absolutely. Because of SpillFix’s tremendous capacity for absorption, only a fraction of that capacity might be utilized in the cleanup of a spill. In that case, instead of throwing the used SpillFix in the trash, simply place it in a sealed container and re-use the product on your next spill. You’ll be able to tell when it has reached its maximum absorbency when the color changes to a darker shade of brown. And you don’t have to worry about the different substances absorbed by the SpillFix interacting with one another. SpillFix absorbs and encapsulates the liquid, holding it tightly within the granule. To prove this point, a study was recently undertaken using a sample of SpillFix to absorb both a vinegar spill and a bleach spill (two liquids that, when combined, produce toxic chlorine gas). In the study, there was no interaction between the two substances, and no chlorine gas was produced. So re-using SpillFix is not only safe – it also makes the product extremely cost effective.

If the SpillFix has been used to clean up non-hazardous liquids, it is safe to incinerate the used SpillFix, throw it in the trash as you would any other organic waste, or even use it to enrich your lawn, garden or landscape plants. Because of the way that SpillFix encapsulates and holds onto liquids until they have decomposed, waste from hazardous liquid spills may be classified landfill safe after testing by local authorities. SpillFix meets EPA leachate standards for hydrocarbons (C10 – C36).

SpillFix is as environmentally friendly as a commercial product can be. Growing the coconuts requires no fertilizers, no pesticides, no chemicals of any kinds – just rainwater. The part of the coconut that is used to make SpillFix was long considered a waste product – so recovering and using it reduces organic waste at the source. Because it is lightweight in comparison to traditional absorbents (like clay), it requires less fuel to transport it to the consumer. It is organic, biodegradable, and does not pose any kind of a threat to the environment. Its carbon footprint is almost undetectable, and its impact on the global ecosystem is minimal, to say the least. Making SpillFix your absorbent of choice is taking a decisive step toward preserving and protecting our planet.