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When a cryopak of beef ribs was punctured in a distribution warehouse cooler, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Beef, blood and water were dripping from the top rack of the pallet, all the way down to the floor.  Clay absorbents aren’t very effective on sticky residues and are too dusty to be used in coolers.

So equipment is usually brought to the scene  and an expensive foam applied as a cleanser.  Costly and slow.


But when SpillFix® was applied to the puddles instead, the mess was cleaned up dry, without residue, within 20 seconds. When the company's safety manager saw SpillFix in action, he was in awe. "I've been in this business for a long time, and I've never seen anything like it. A fast, safe way to resolve spills inside a freezer.  This is a game changer.”


A LAKE OF Mountain Dew


When a forklift driver inadvertently punctured a five-gallon bib of Mountain Dew,   the warehouse manager knew a spill this size could take multiple bags of clay absorbent and more than an hour to clean.


Fortunately, a shipment of SpillFix had just arrived, so a bag was poured onto the massive spill. It cleaned it up in short order, about 15 minutes, leaving a residue-free warehouse floor.


The manager was amazed, commenting that with clay, the soda would have leaked out and spread all over the floor. “Absorbents aren’t generally too effective on soda spills; SpillFix adds a completely different dynamic.”

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Bar-B-Que Sauce Everywhere


When Bar-B-Que sauce is easy to clean up when it’s all over your fingers and lips, but not so much when a five-gallon jug of it ruptures  and flows onto a warehouse floor.


During a demonstration, SpillFix was applied to the entire disaster area – from the pallet, to the cardboard, to the shrink wrap and to the growing puddle on the floor. It was even used to absorb  the sauce on workers’ hands.


In three and a half minutes, the entire mess was cleaned, and the warehouse restored to a safe workplace again -- using just one product.  The reaction of the warehouse manager?  “That spill would normally have required kitty litter, soap and water, a good amount of scrubbing and a lot of down time. SpillFix is one complete solution.”


Ventura Foods – Hidden Valley salad dressings


Manufacturing salad dressings is messy work – from beginning to end. Heavy vegetable oils are shipped  in by rail or tanker car, transferred into the facility, filtrated, processed, poured into narrow neck bottles, packaged and shipped out. Innumerable opportunities for massive spills and leaks.


The maintenance supervisor of one of the largest salad processors in the U.S. says up until now, she’s been using both clay absorbents and mats, but hasn’t been happy with either.  Clay absorbents can’t be used around many of the food operations, so she’s had to rely on expensive, less efficient mats.  When using clay in trays that catch dripping oil, the absorbent becomes too heavy for workers to lift.

She says in SpillFix, she’s found the solution to both problems.


“It can clean up a heavy oil spill in 15 to 20 minutes, versus one and a half hours with clay absorbents. It’s a product that can be used throughout the plant that is light weight, efficient, cost effective, and safe around food.”




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