Fix spills fast.
First time. Every time.

SpillFix is a revolutionary, all-natural spill absorbent that can tackle greasy, oily, or sticky spills. Keep everybody on your shop floor safe and clean up toxic and non-toxic spills in minutes, not hours.

Frontline Absorbent User Benefits

Minimize downtime – maximize your uptime

Keep everybody on your shop floor safe, and clean up spills faster than ever before, with SpillFix.

“In three and a half minutes, the entire mess was cleaned, and the warehouse restored to a safe workplace again – using just one product. The reaction of the warehouse manager? ‘That spill would normally have required kitty litter, soap and water, a good amount of scrubbing and a lot of down time.’ SpillFix is one complete solution.”
– Ops Manager, Sysco Foods, Ohio

Safe to handle. Easy to use.

Safe to handle. Easy to use

You can’t say the same for clay absorbents.SpillFix is superior to clay in every way. You’ll notice the difference right away!

SpillFix is a dream compared to those heavy clay absorbents. Lightweight bags to prevent back strain. No silica dust to breathe in. Spills cleaned up immediately without leaving slippery residue. No need for secondary cleanup with mop and bucket.

Clay absorbents vs SpillFix

Save on transport & delivery charges
Light-weight bags that don’t break
SpillFix absorbs on contact, no waiting
75% less waste by volume

Good for the planet

What do you do with millions of discarded coconut husks? Put them to work! We’ve repurposed mountains of husk waste and created a superior spill control product.

SpillFix is so effective; you can use less and cut down on the waste you send to the landfill – by 66%! It’s a win-win for you, your company, and the planet.

And… its top-notch performance gets the spill up in a fraction of the time!

SpillFix Environmental Lifecycle

“The money we as a company would save if we switched fully to SpillFix is in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands. No product on the market is better suited for safe spill cleanup than SpillFix. Hands-down.”
– Ben, Operations Administrator, FedEx Ground, Cleveland

Make SpillFix an integral part of your spill containment

Go to your Shop Foreman, or EHS, and ask for a trial of SpillFix. It’s the best way to clean up industrial spills. We know you’ll be impressed and ready for a full order.

Spill absorbent products

Absorbent Dispenser Jar

Absorbent Dispenser Jar

Granular Absorbent Bag 4 Gallon

Granular Absorbent

Spill Kit

Spill Kit

Absorbent Boom SOC 10 foot / 3 meter

Absorbent Boom SOCs