Great Summer Finds

The Luxe List’s Merilee Kern on Coffee With America Showcasing ‘Great Summer Finds’. 

Nationally Syndicate, Coffee With America TV Show discusses ‘Great Summer Finds’ as the in the know on great gifts, gets and great products like SpillFix!

No matter what you spill, spillFix is absolutely the most efficient, environmentally responsible way to clean it up. It is used in many industries to safely clean up a range of spills, including: • Brake Fluid • Brake Cleaner • Hydraulic Fluid • Motor Oil • Soy Bean Oil and All Other Vegetable Oils • Fuel • Diesel • Coolant • Antifreeze • Solvents • Carbon Black • Transmission Fluid • Detergents • Degreasers • Liquid Polymers • Paint (Oil & Acrylic) • Paint Thinners • Sulphuric Acid-50% • Peroxide-70% • Hypochlorite Solution-18% • Hydrochloric Acid-35% • Peracetic Acid-15% • Potassium Hydroxide-45% • Chlorine • Vinegar • Fabric Softeners • Detergents • Dairy Products • Body Fluids • Soda • Fruit Juices.


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