Steel & Chemical Industries

Heavy industry – including industries like steel making, chemical plants, waste management – and many others – involve massive amounts of raw materials, being transported between and throughout large-scale industrial facilities. Many of the liquids in use are dangerous, toxic, and can pose an environmental hazard if not immediately contained. SpillFix offers a safe, fast and thorough solution to nearly every type of industrial spill. The all natural product is dust-free, highly absorbent, and encapsulates the spilled liquid so it can be safely and easily disposed of an environmentally friendly way.


Non Reactive

Watch this video to see how safely and effectively SpillFix cleans up potentially dangerous spills like battery acid and polymer.

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Watch this video to see how quickly and effectively SpillFix works to absorb, contain, clean up and eliminate the sticky reside caused by spilled glue on a wood floor.

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Removing Toxic Clay Dust From The Workplace

Watch this video to see how SpillFix compares to clay absorbent when it comes to dangerous silica dust, the weight of product needed, and the cost of transport, storage and disposal.

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Absorbent Comparison SpillFix vs Clay

Watch this video to see how SpillFix works faster, better and more economically in cleaning up a spill of transmission fluid.

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SpillFix Water Oil Absorption

Watch this video to see how SpillFix not only handles transmission fluid spilled into standing water, but can actually differentiate between the two liquids and absorb only the transmission fluid.

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