Spill Kit 4Gal Bucket with SpillFix 3L Jar

$62.00 - $95.00

Affordable and portable spill kit for everyday spills. Our Spill Kit in a 4Gal Bucket is light and compact, making them convenient to fit anywhere on site or on board a vehicle. Respond quickly to spills and leave a slick-free clean no matter the substance using our granular absorbent. Our fast-acting absorbent is perfect for all workshops and worksite spills.

Best For

Absorbs Oils, Solvents, Coolants, Water, Blood, Vomit – Universal

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What’s inside?

  • 3L SpillFix Granular Absorbent Jar
  • 5Ft SpillFix Super Absorbent Boom Sock
  • 4Gal Bucket
  • Absorbent Pads
  • Trash Bags
  • How To Use Instructions
Product Volume 4Gal Bucket
Product Weight 7.5lbs (US) / 3.4kg
Container Type 4Gal Bucket with Lid & Handle
Class Universal
Absorbent Capacity Up to 3.3Gal
Composition 4Gal Bucket with Lid & Handle 3qt SpillFix Re-sealable Jar 5ft SpillFix Boom Sock 4 x Heavy Universal Mat Pads Disposal Gloves & Trash bag
Material Coconut Coir, PP Mat Pads
Material Features 100% Organic, Non-abrasive, Non-toxic, Silica Dust-free
UPC 85802500096 9


  • The only Spill Kit that comes with granular absorbent!
  • Safe, non-toxic, silica-dust free
  • Instant spill cleanup
  • Landfill safe disposal
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easily refillable with 7lb SpillFix bag


Oil, Diesel, Gas, Petroleum, Coolants, Water and Hydraulic Fluid spills – Universal