HazMat Chemical Absorbent Mat Roll | Medium

$125.00 - $210.00

Our mediumweight hazmat chemical mat roll absorbents, feature 3-ply construction increasing durability while reducing lint. SpillFix Green Mat Roll is surfactant-treated, brightly colored and its absorbent picks up a wide range of aggressive chemicals while remaining chemically inert.

Best For

Chemical and related spills

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What’s inside?

  • 2 x Medium HazMat Chemical Mat Roll
Container Type Case of 2 Mat Rolls
Class Chemical
Absorbent Capacity 39Gal
Absorbency Factor 12.5 gl/gs
Absorbency Weight Medium
Composition Meltblown Green Color
Material 3 Ply Polypropylene, Perforated
Material Features Dimpled, Medium-Linting
UPC 933288600046 3


  • Specifically designed for continuous leaks and larger spills so you use less material
  • 3-ply construction is designed for general industrial applications
  • Perforations provide cost control and reduce waste by allowing you to use only what you need


These products are chemically inert and green in color (the universal symbol for safety) to indicate that they’re intended for use with hazardous materials.