HazMat Chemical Medium Absorbent Mat Roll


Our mediumweight hazmat chemical mat roll absorbents, feature 3-ply construction increasing durability while reducing lint. SpillFix Green Mat Roll is surfactant-treated, brightly colored and its absorbent picks up a wide range of aggressive chemicals while remaining chemically inert.

Best For

Chemical and related spills

What’s inside?

  • 2 x Medium HazMat Chemical Mat Roll

Key features

  • Specifically designed for continuous leaks and larger spills so you use less material
  • 3-ply construction is designed for general industrial applications
  • Perforations provide cost control and reduce waste by allowing you to use only what you need
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Container Type Case of 2 Mat Rolls
Class Chemical
Absorbent Capacity 39Gal
Absorbency Factor 12.5 gl/gs
Absorbency Weight Medium
Composition Meltblown Green Color
Material 3 Ply Polypropylene, Perforated
Material Features Dimpled, Medium-Linting
UPC 933288600046 3


These products are chemically inert and green in color (the universal symbol for safety) to indicate that they’re intended for use with hazardous materials.