Universal Absorbent Light Mat Roll


Our lightweight universal mat roll absorbents, 30”W by 150”L in size, are multi-use, built for durability and provide maximum absorbency in high traffic and busy problem areas. These grey absorbent mat pads pick up water-based, petroleum-based and non-aggressive, chemical fluids.

Best For

All general spills

What’s inside?

  • 1 x Light Universal Mat Roll

Key features

  • Specifically designed for smaller leaks, drips and spills
  • 2-ply construction combines tough, spunbond coverstock with meltblown polypropylene – great for placement in aisles and around work stations
  • Perforations provide cost control and reduce waste by allowing you to use only what you need
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Container Type Roll
Class Universal
Absorbent Capacity 42.5Gal
Absorbency Factor 12.5 gl/gs
Absorbency Weight Light
Composition SM (Spunbond-Meltblown) Gray Color
Material 2 Ply Polypropylene, Perforated 15” W x 15” L
Material Features Dimpled, Low-Linting
UPC 933288600048 7


These enhanced absorbents are made of highly economical, contractor-grade single-ply meltblown polypropylene for oil clean-up on land or water.