Natural absorbent for industrial use

Tackle the demands of any spill with zero impact on the environment

The only absorbent you’ll need for your industrial spill cleanup needs. Tough on spills but easy on the checkbook. Environmentally friendly oil cleanup now possible for oil and gas industry, food processing, steel making and any other light or heavy manufacturing industries.

Massive spill on the highway being cleaned by SpillFix
  • 100% natural
  • Lightweight
  • Instant Absorption
  • Non-reactive
  • No Silica dust
  • Non-abrasive


No more breathing in carcinogenic silica dust, no more slip and fall injuries, and no more back injuries when choosing SpillFix for your industrial spills and leaks.


Create less waste and watch your costs plummet with a switch to SpillFix. Pay less for absorbents, pay less for transport and pay less for waste disposal* while caring for the environment in your community.


SpillFix explained in 2.5 minutes.

Industrial absorbents – top sellers


Oil and gas spills present immediate environmental dangers and must be cleaned up quickly and safely. SpillFix is the answer to this problem. It deals with oil and gas spills at the source of the problem to prevent them from spreading and absorbing them instantly. SpillFix works upstream, midstream, and downstream in the oil and gas industry.


SpillFix has become pretty conspicuous in distribution centers! Even with all the safety measures in place, there’s no way to prevent 100% of spills. With all the transportation vehicles there — tractor-trailers, forklifts and the maintenance for them — something will spill and ooze on the floor! With SpillFix, any types of spills are quickly cleaned up.


Perhaps no industry has seen more benefits from SpillFix than the automotive industry. It cleans spills from automotive fluids including oil, coolant, and radiator, transmission, power steering, and brake fluids that can leak on floors in manufacturing and assembly lines, repair facilities and body shops, and the gold standard in recycling operations.


There are a lot of spills in school and university facilities! From the cafeteria — where food spills occur inside and outside the kitchen — to dorms, stadiums, and arenas — where any number of drinks or too much partying slosh out — and for students and research labs, there’s a solution in SpillFix to clean up the mess.


Liquid spills need to be quickly cleaned in crowded public places like shopping malls and theme parks, and in narrow institutional spaces. SpillFix helps janitorial staff work faster and smarter when dealing with liquid spills and keeping them contained for prompt disposal — very important if bodily fluids or hazardous materials are involved. SpillFix provides a one-step cleanup solution eliminating the need for secondary cleanup with mops, buckets, and chemicals.


Fuel, oil, and other liquids used in the aviation industry can easily spill on runways and tarmacs, and inside hangars. These flammable liquids must be cleaned up quickly. SpillFix is a proven agent that safely contains and soaks them up — as well as liquids and other spills on planes and jets.


SpillFix is nontoxic, NSF Certified and safe to use anywhere, including on the factory floors where food is processed and packaged, warehouses that store it, and locations where receiving and shipping operations are done. Food can be sticky and slippery: just about any food spill is a slip and fall risk. SpillFix delivers a safe and fast solution!


SpillFix is entirely organic and safe to use in healthcare facilities to clean up body fluids for fast waste disposal. It’s used in hospitals and ERs, urgent care centers, surgical centers, chemotherapy facilities, nursing facilities, and doctors offices — anywhere where medical waste is generated and needs to be properly dispensed.


First responders and fleet maintenance staff use SpillFix to quickly clean dangerous spills on public property. Military personnel uses it on defence bases, and it’s become a standard tool in fleet operation management. Best of all, a little SpillFix goes a long way, so it won’t put a strain on space.


Restaurants are spill magnets. SpillFix is a fast and effective solution in the FOH where they might be merely embarrassing and BOH where an oily mess can catch on fire or cause a slip and fall injury. In event venues like convention centers, it can prevent a slew of slip-related injuries!



What is the best oil absorbent?

A. The best oil absorbent is an absorbent that will encapsulate the oil so that the oil is not released back into the environment. Organic absorbents like SpillFix does this job perfectly.

What absorbs spilled oil?

A. Spilled oil can be absorbed by absorbent mats, thick towels or by the granular absorbent. Mats and towels become soaked with the oil and become messy to handle. The best granular oil absorbent is the all-natural SpillFix made from coconut husks. It will encapsulate the oil and is clean and safe to handle.

How do you remove old oil stains from concrete?

A. Spray the stain with a degreaser like Simple Green and use SpillFix granular absorbents soak up the degreaser and the oil from the concrete. You may have to do this a few times for very old stains.

Does bleach remove oil stains from concrete?

A. Bleach does not remove oil stains from concrete.