Protect your company’s reputation. Bring in a new spill absorbent and be a changemaker!

Meet your corporate objectives by choosing SpillFix for your spill absorbent. Save money while you raise compliance and reduce downtime, absenteeism, and injuries.

Protecting Worker Safety

We know the objectives you take seriously.
We take them seriously too.

It’s hard to understand how a natural, organic product can help eliminate so many dangers in the workplace.

When you see how quickly and completely SpillFix eliminates spills, you’ll be amazed! It’s lightweight nature, and lack of heavy clay and silica ingredients help save backs and can help save lives. It’s a big deal.

“SpillFix has helped improve our workplace safety and positively impacted our wellness ROI.”
– Amanda B, HR, Chemical Manufacturer

Worker safety

Worker safety

  • Happier, healthier employees – no carcinogenic silica dust
  • Reduced absenteeism – lower rate of injury on the job
  • Less stress and fatigue – lighter in form, preventing back injuries
  • Less slip and fall incidents – cleans completely without residue
  • Lower worker’s compensation claims- better OSHA compliance

Protect the Environment

  • Repurposed from waste material – coconut husks
  • 100% natural and organic – no carcinogens, fragrance, or additives
  • Less spill cleanup waste going to landfill
  • Eliminate toxic silica dust
Protect the Environment
Take care of the company’s bottom line

Take care of the company’s bottom line

  • Lower legal costs – fewer legal claims
  • Less downtime – more production
  • Fewer contractors required – less absenteeism
  • Waste transport fees lower – spill cleanup can be discarded as green waste
  • Better efficacy, lower costs for product – use less, get better results

“SpillFix exceeds our expectations, absorbs spills on contact, reduces health and safety risks, improves working conditions, and supports our green initiatives – all at substantial savings over clay absorbents.”
– Stephanie, Plant Manager, LKQ Carolina

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With all these reasons to be a real hero at work, make the change to SpillFix today!

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