Spill absorbent materials for industrial and everyday spills

Safe, granular spill absorbents in a variety of sizes to instantly take care of your large industrial spills or smaller everyday spills.

Spill Absorbent Materials

Spill Absorbent Materials

Loose Granular Absorbents

Loose Granular Spill Absorbents
All-natural, organic & sustainable – SpillFix Granular Absorbents are a super effective granular spill absorbent suitable for every size spill.


Absorbent Mats, Rolls & Pillows

Spill Absorbent Mats, Rolls & Pillows
Enhanced absorbent mat pads, rolls & pillows for use in all types of spills – oil, chemical & universal. All have superior absorbency and great strength.


Absorbent Boom Sock 10ft

Spill Absorbent Boom Socks 
SpillFix Absorbent Boom Socks are the most absorbent Socks available. OMRI Certified for use in Organic inputs & NSF Listed for use as an absorbent in Food manufacturing.



Oil spill cleanup is easy with SpillFix. Made of natural oil absorbent material, it quickly and safely soaks up oils used in virtually any industry. It works as an instant fuel spill kit for the automotive industry and even as an aviation fuel spill kit. Even the greasiest floors and surfaces are left clean and dry after treatment with SpillFix.


Wondering how to clean up blood and bodily fluids as quickly as possible? SpillFix absorbs them like a sponge! Use it as a blood cleanup kit to decrease contamination risks in healthcare facilities, and as a vomit cleanup powder anywhere — schools, homes, worksites, and cars. It’s effective for cleaning urine out of mattresses, and even for carpet cleaning pet urine removal.


Because chemicals are heavily used in manufacturing, auto repair, laboratories, and cleaning, chemical spill absorbents aren’t an option. Put SpillFix to work in your chemical waste management process. It delivers fast and effective battery acid cleanup in shops and formaldehyde removal in labs. Use it for other chemical spill cleanups, such as chloroform, which is still used in air conditioning.


Want to know how to clean up vegetable oil spills? Put SpillFix to work in your catering business, cafe, restaurant, or kitchen. It absorbs salad dressings before it becomes an oily mess everywhere, and syrups before they create difficult to clean layers of stickiness. Any liquid substances — thick sauces, gravies, drinks, condiments — clean up quickly, without much scrubbing.


Now professional painters, handymen, and committed DIY house painters can count on safe, nontoxic SpillFix for oil paint cleanup and for cleaning water-based paint. SpillFix can be used for cleaning oil paint brushes and cleaning water-based paint brushes as well. There’s no more need to buy strong-smelling paint thinner or acetone — but if they spill, SpillFix will clean them, too!