Spill Absorbent Pads and Mats vs SpillFix

Are you using time consuming and wasteful absorbent mats or pads to cleanup your spills?

If using pads or mats is a time consuming and costly way for you to deal with spills, leaks and drips, don’t worry there is a better way.

SpillFix Universal Organic Absorbents are THE economical and effective solution for every type of industrial and everyday spill cleanup.

SpillFix Absorbs on contact No downtime Slick free clean
SpillFix is Light, easy to handle Just apply and sweep Cost effective
SpillFix is All natural - Dust free Safe around food and pets Biodegradable
Pads Clay/Kitty Litter SpillFix
Certified Food Safe No No Yes
Made From Renewable Resources No No Yes
Reduces Water Usage No No Yes
Non-Drip, Fully Encapsulating No No Yes
Landfill Safe No No Yes
Recycled Content 25% No Yes
Secondary Mop & Bucket Cleanup Required Required Not Needed
coir magnified


SpillFix is formulated from premium coir. Coir (also known as coir fiber pith) is free of any chemicals and toxins. It is sustainable produce from coconut husks.

SpillFix has a unique, highly absorbent porous structure unlike anything else. Each particle resembles a small sponge with an astounding natural structure that creates an incredible surface area. An area estimated to be 244,000 ft2 per gallon unit volume. This makes SpillFix at least four times more absorbent than any other industrial absorbent. Pictured is SpillFix material (image magnification X350).

SpillFix (Coir) 295% 67%
Diatomite (Clay) 40% 27%