Case Studies by Industry

As a truly Universal Absorbent, SpillFix is being used in a variety of industries from manufacturing to body shops. Take a look at how SpillFix clients are using SpillFix for their spill cleanup.

SpillFix is an all-natural, non-toxic universal absorbent made from coconut husks and can be used practically anywhere. It’s cleaned spills from every liquid it’s been tested on. It is the safest and fastest way to clean up spills from hazardous and non-hazardous liquids without requiring users to come in contact with the substance. 

SpillFix is applied around the perimeter of a spill on a solid surface before covering the rest of the spill. After applying it to contain a liquid spill, push it around the spill with a broom to absorb the spill, and sweep it up to dispose.

Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (J1) #152371

SpillFix is NSF Certified for use in Food & Beverage manufacturing and distribution centers.


National Beverage Manufacturer, Warehouse & Transportation Management
“Switching to Spillfix drastically reduced our waste disposal bill.”
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North American Food Manufacturer, Maintenance Shop & Bulk Oils Dept.
“SpillFix has had a profound effect on vegetable oil cleanup.”
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National Food Manufacturer, Warehouse
“A large spill was cleaned up in only 3.5 minutes using SpillFix.”
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National Food Industry Distributor, Warehouse
“I’ve never seen anything like it. A fast, safe way to resolve spills inside a freezer.”
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OMRI listed For Organic Use

SpillFix is OMRI Certified for Organic use in Food & Beverage industries.


Multinational Delivery Services, Ground Operations
“I have yet to encounter a spill or a leak this product can’t handle.”
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National Dept. Store Retailer, Distribution Center
“The most important thing for us is that the product works, and it does.”
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Multinational Chemical Manufacturer, Wastewater Treatment Plant
“I’ve been here 25 years and we’ve never had anything that can clean up the polymer. This is a whole new avenue for us.”
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North American Building Materials Manufacturer, Plant
“Switch to SpillFix has made a huge difference.”
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National Paint and Coating Manufacturer, Branch Store
“Cleaning up a 5-gal tub of acrylic paint is a breeze.”
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Occupational Health & Safety 2015 new product of the year

SpillFix, awarded new OH&S safety product of the year in 2015.

Hospital, Healthcare center, Medical Nursing Homes, Pharmacies and drug stores, Medical laboratory and research.
Hospitals have a lot of infectious and toxic liquids that can be just as dangerous as flammable liquids used in manufacturing if they leak or are spilled.


University, Campuses
In the cafeteria, in the labs and dormitories, this all purpose eco-friendly absorbent is manna from heaven.