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SpillFix is 100% non-toxic, natural cleaner, made from coir, coconut husk fibers. It is highly absorbent and effectively cleans all kinds of liquid spills without any residue left behind.

SpillFix is easy to use:

  • First spread it around the perimeter of a spill to keep it from spreading.
  • Fill in the rest of the spill with SpillFix.
  • SpillFix will absorb the spill contents on contact.
  • Once SpillFix has saturated the spill, use a broom to push it around the spill site to ensure all liquid has been absorbed.

SpillFix is a concentrated absorbent, highly sustainable, and reusable. These features make it a valuable and very helpful tool for LEAN manufacturers. If you use it to clean up hazardous or toxic spills, be sure to dispose of it properly as directed by OSHA and industry guidelines. It works quickly, without the need for a secondary clean up.

Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (J1) #152371

SpillFix is NSF Certified for use in Food & Beverage manufacturing and distribution centers.


Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability
A lot of companies talk about sustainability. Spillfix lives it. Every stage of the product’s life-cycle is the epitome of environmental stewardship.


Request Technical Information and Documents
Use the form to submit a request for spill absorbent Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Landfill Leachate Report, and Chlorine, Bleach and Vinegar Analysis and more.


LEAN Production and Manufacturing
Use all natural spill absorbent for LEAN production and manufacturing practices. Our coconut spill absorbent helps both your company and the environment.


Spill Management and Worker Safety
Dealing with hazardous and non-hazardous spills can create unsafe work environments exposing the workers to different kinds of injuries.We offer a solution.


Calculate Your Savings
The extraordinary absorbency and lightweight nature of SpillFix translates to significant cost savings associated with spills and leaks. Calculate savings.


Customer Reviews
See what our SpillFix customers have to say about our products when it comes to safety, effectiveness, cost reduction and more.


Frequently Asked Questions About SpillFix
Have questions about SpillFix spill kits and absorbent, or need more info? Here you can find all the answers to questions frequently asked by our customers.