SpillFix Organic Absorbents Wholesale

Whether you’re looking for a quick cleanup solution for your home or business, there’s a SpillFix package that’s perfect for your needs. You can buy SpillFix in small quantities for occasional use and for regular, high-volume use.

Large-Volume Purchasing Saves Money, Time, and Storage Space

If you’ve been using other absorbents to clean up liquid spills around large and busy venues like industrial parks, warehouses, and construction sites, you might wonder how buying more saves money, space, and time. SpillFix makes it possible. Here’s how:

  • Save money – buying in bulk lowers costs. SpillFix comes in several sizes…

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and supports LEAN production and manufacturing

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  • Save space – A little bit of SpillFix cleans up large, messy, and even toxic spills faster than other absorbents. A handful of SpillFix absorbs as much as a 25-pound bag of litter.
  • Save time – Make reordering SpillFix an annual event! (Remember, it can be reused, too.) Use it to refill SpillFix absorbent boom SOCs…

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…or one or more sturdy four-gallon resealable buckets.

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Order SpillFix today or talk to the American Green Ventures team. 

You Don’t Have to Be a Big Jobsite to Buy SpillFix!

Maybe you own a small business where there are occasional spills. Or perhaps you just want a non-toxic, environmentally safe cleanup product in your home. But you don’t need a pallet of products. 

Rest assured, you can buy small quantities of reusable SpillFix all-purpose absorbent and sweeping compound perfect for the home and office.

Our 3-quart SpillFix jar is one of our top three best sellers and for a good reason: it works fast, can often be reused, and takes up practically no space.

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