SpillFix Commercial Kitchen & Worksite 4 Gallon Pail

SpillFix Commercial Kitchen & Worksite 4 Gallon Pail

4 Gal/15 Liter Re-sealable Pail – OMRI Certified, NSF Listed

4 Gal/15 Liter Re-sealable Pail – OMRI Certified, NSF Listed Refillable with an economical 4 or 13 gallon bag, the SpillFix Pail is perfect for situations where waste liquids need to be disposed of easily, or where SpillFix is frequently reused to clean hands and tools. Learn more


Fast-acting absorbent for all industrial and construction worksite spills

Spill accidents in the Back Of House (BOH) or Front Of House (FOH) interrupt client and worker traffic flow, especially when cumbersome mops and buckets are used. Mops can transfer bacteria and germs between locations and spread oil and water to make a spill even larger. Often a sticky residue is left on floors to create further interruption to traffic flow and cause the spill to take much longer to dry.

SpillFix is an amazing granular absorbent with NSF listing and OMRI organic use certification. It can be safely used on floors in all food preparation and production facilities. SpillFix is:

  • Workplace and environment safe
  • Ideal floor sweep for restrooms
  • Dust free
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non reactive
  • Chemical and fragrance free

When applying SpillFix onto liquid or food spills, it rapidly absorbs the spill so you can quickly sweep it up with a broom and discard as solid waste. Surfaces are left touch dry and slick-free. SpillFix will conveniently clean up greasy floors without having to use chemical cleaners. This way you help reduce the oil and grease and chemicals going down the drain that can often cause blockages. SpillFix is a natural, all-purpose cleaning absorbent that rapidly absorbs:

  • All cooking oils, fats and greases
  • Milk and cream products
  • Sauces and salad dressings
  • Sodas, juices and syrups
  • Chemical detergents & cleansers
  • Blood and meat juices
  • Bodily fluids, vomit and much more

Used cooking oils and liquids (low temp.) can be poured directly into the bucket of SpillFix. The four-gallon pail will absorb approximately 2 gallons of liquid.

Ths SpillFix 4 gallon pail is labeled specifically for this industry and can be easily refilled from an affordable 7lb or 20lb bag. When that unexpected spill happens SpillFix can always be in reach with the easy-to-use 3-quart shaker jar, a size that you can conveniently locate. Just shake SpillFix onto the spill area and sweep back and forth with a broom. When the spill is fully absorbed sweep into a dustpan and discard. All done in no time without buckets and mops slopping it all into a bigger time-wasting mess.

The SpillFix 4 gallon pail also is labelled specifically for the construction industry.

With SpillFix you will waste no time cleaning up spills, while also protecting our environment by creating far less waste. Keep a bucket of SpillFix on every service truck, rig and crane for a fast chemical free cleanup solution that can immediately and safely deal with all types of spills.

SpillFix can also be used as a convenient waterless cleaner to remove oils and greases from hands, tools, and equipment.
SpillFix is a natural, all purpose cleaning absorbent that will rapidly absorb:

  • All Industrial Oils and Greases
  • All Machinery & Equipment Fluids
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Machining Lubricants
  • Paint (Acrylic and Oil Based)
  • Chemicals and Cleansers
  • Maintenance Cleanup
  • Hydrocarbon Tanks and Drums