SpillFix Spill Absorbent and Spill Cleanup Kit Retail


Does your business or job site need a spill cleanup kit? Or are you a dedicated DIY-er? If spills are a normal event at work or home, you need a fast and safe way to clean up and dispose of it.

Two Portable Spill Cleanup Kit Options

We have two kits that have the basic tools you need to clean up toxic and non-toxic spills, and more.  Each kit is neatly presented for fast action and is easy to replenish. In addition to a SpillFix supply, both include:

  • Protective gear: pair of safety glasses and disposable protective gloves
  • Clean-up tools: durable dustpan with a broom and heavy-duty plastic trash bags 
  • Two absorbent pads
  • 5-foot long SOC boom that can absorb up to 6 quarts of any kind of spilled liquid
  • Content list and safety data sheet (SDS)

Kit contents are held together in a water-resistant military-grade 18”x18”x6” nylon pouch with backpack-style carry straps and tough mounting D hooks. 


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Cleanup Kit for Small Sites


Our smaller kit is perfect for smaller industrial sites, laboratories, restaurants, and even homes with a DIY enthusiast. It comes with two of our 3-quart plastic jars of SpillFix all-purpose absorbent and weighs just 11.5 pounds. 

Lighten the load by removing one SpillFix jar and use the other to refill it as needed!

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More SpillFix, Please! Larger Cleanup Kit for Industrial Sites


The larger kit is slightly heavier and includes a 4-gallon/15 liter bag of SpillFix industrial absorbent. It’s essential for virtually any worksite where spills need to be contained and quickly cleaned up.

Contact the American Green Ventures team for purchasing information, including how many kits you’ll need at your site, and to answer any questions you have.