The SpillFix Story

Twenty-five years ago, the creator of SpillFix happened to be visiting a coconut plantation and observed mountains of coconut husk that was targeted for disposal.

Studying some of that waste stream material, he found that the husk, or coir, possessed an almost unbelievable capacity for absorbing and holding liquid. So he developed a growing medium that immediately began alleviating a drought that was plaguing his native Australia at the time, and the product soon became very popular throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.

The success of that product led to the development of an absorbent product – SpillFix – that contains and cleans up a nearly limitless variety of spills, including nearly every type of commercial, industrial and household liquids.


Galuku Group & American Green Ventures (US) Inc.

Developing an all-natural absorbent that will clean up oil spills, paint spills, and virtually every other kind of liquid spill has been a passion of ours for nearly 25 years. We observed mountains of coconut husk being thrown away, and we began investigating the amazing absorptive properties of that material. The result of that effort is SpillFix – the world’s safest, most effective and cost-efficient solution for the treatment and disposal of liquid spills.

In addition to SpillFix, we have developed an array of products from coconut husk, including a growth medium for greenhouses and indoor agribusiness enterprises, as well as litter and bedding for cats and a wide variety of other pets.

All along, our mission has been to produce sustainable, earth-friendly solutions that are superior to the traditional, existing products that serve the markets we are in. Internationally focused, with strategic regional headquarters in Australia, throughout Asia, Oceania and North America, Galuku Group is named after the aboriginal word for coconut. American Green Ventures (US) Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Galuku Group (North America) LLC, is the distributor for SpillFix throughout North America.

Sustainability & Our Environment

A lot of companies talk about sustainability. SpillFix lives it. Every stage of the product’s lifecycle is the epitome of environmental stewardship.

The raw material – coconuts – is grown without chemicals or fertilizer…only rainwater. Production requires no mining, deforestation or farming. And the actual material from which SpillFix is made – the coir from the husk – is literally recovered from the waste stream of the coconut industry. With an absorbent capability 1/8 the weight of clay absorbents, SpillFix requires far less energy for packaging, shipping, storage, and disposal. And because SpillFix doesn’t just contain liquid spills – but actually encapsulates them – it is completely landfill safe for nearly all applications.

On top of all this, it’s re-usable…so even less product is required. Dust-free, chemical free and 100% natural, it’s the most earth-friendly absorbent on the market today.

2015 Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year Award

Developing an all-natural absorbent that will clean up oil spills, paint The revolutionary SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent has been awarded New Product of the Year by Occupational Health & Safety Magazine in the Hazmat Safety category.

Winners were recognized at this year’s National Safety Council (NSC) Congress & Expo, which was held in Atlanta. October 2015

2016 NAE Vision 21 Innovators Award

SpillFix was selected for a “Vision 21 Innovators Award” for the most innovative and workplace-friendly industrial product in 2016. The presentation was made at the National Association of Entrepreneurship Award (NAE) Luncheon held in Cleveland OH on Friday, May 27. The Award was presented by Ron Leirvik, former CEO of Moen Inc, and the Chairman of Galuku’s Advisory Board.

NAE has some 8,000 members nationally, mainly senior executives of small to mid-market companies and seeks to promote the values of private enterprise and entrepreneurship.

SpillFix absorbs it all to a touch dry, slick free surface and has an OMRI organic use certification and a NSF food safe classification.

SpillFix is a highly stable absorbent that is suitable for use in a tremendously wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid spill applications. SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent is classified as a not readily combustible solid material.