The SpillFix Story

Twenty-five years ago, while traveling through Sri Lanka, I came across huge mountains of brown dust.

Coconut plantThe local people regarded it as a “useless” waste resulting from the extraction of fiber from the coconut husk. Ideas were short on how to dispose of this waste stream. It struck my curiosity and got me thinking – what could this be used for?

I studied this waste stream material and discovered that coconut husk dust (coir) had a magical capacity for absorbing and holding liquid. During this time, a severe drought was affecting plant nurseries at home in Australia. This was my catalyst to develop exciting, water saving, soilless growing mediums.

These natural products gained wide popularity with nurseries and transformed hydroponic crop cultivation. The miraculous absorbent qualities of coir, further influenced me in developing a multi-purpose absorbent product – the dynamic SpillFix! It can absorb and clean up every type of commercial, industrial and household liquid spill.

Two decades later I am still committed to developing visionary, sustainable and eco-friendly products with this coir material. The wisdom of the universe provides us with a way to create transformational products that are safe for us, our pets and the environment.

Joe Davids, Visionary Founder of SpillFix