Getting started with SpillFix

What you need to get started with SpillFix

Granular Absorbent

Lightweight concentrated super absorbent made from 100% coconut husk, proven on spills from all industries. SpillFix soaks up spills quickly and effectively, without the need for secondary mop and bucket clean up.

Loose Granular Absorbents

Boom Socks

Ultra absorbent and filled with SpillFix granular absorbent, our sock are the most absorbent of their kind. They are essential for stopping spills from spreading and enabling fast clean up.

spillfix boom sock

Mats, Rolls and Pillows

Our various mats, rolls and pillows are made of commercial-grade materials and are highly versatile for containing drips, leaks and responding to larger spills.

Absorbent Mats, Rolls & Pillows

Spill Kits of all kinds, for spills of all kinds.

Get everything you need for fast and effective spill cleanup in our Spill Kits.

How to use SpillFix

Getting started with SpillFix - step 1

Step 1 | Cover the spill with SpillFix Granular Absorbent

Grab your SpillFix and spread the absorbent around the edges of the spill, continuing until the spill is completely covered.

Getting started with SpillFix - step 2

Step 2 | Sweep the SpillFix until the spill is fully absorbed

Immediately begin sweeping the SpillFix you have laid down back and forth with a stiff broom until all liquid is absorbed.

Getting started with SpillFix - step 3

Step 3 | Sweep up the SpillFix into a bin or bag

Using a broom and scoop sweep up the used granular absorbent into a bin or bag. Used SpillFix can be reused until the material is fully saturated.

Getting started with SpillFix - step 4

Step 4 | Remove any additional spill residue

After cleaning up the initial absorbent, if needed apply a little more SpillFix absorbent to the area and repeat Step 3 and 4 until all spill residue is removed.

How SpillFix works

Cleaning up gasoline on cement

Cleaning up motor oil on cement

Cleaning up car wax on cement

Cleaning up BBQ sauce on lino

Cleaning up milk on cement

Cleaning up enamel paint on cement