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What Are EHS Roles and Responsibilities?

Health and safety manager responsibilities are available to anyone who is interested in taking on the role of protecting the environment, and the workplace. If you are a hardworking person, willing, and ready for the necessary coursework – this could be your dream job.  An Environmental Health and Safety position is referred to by a […]

Toxic Chemicals in Building Materials

You may not be able to see, smell, or sense the toxic materials around you in any way, but that does not mean they are not there. Based on advanced understanding of synthetic building materials, the list of dangerous materials changes often. For that reason, it is important to know that based on the United […]

How to Clean up Mercury Spills

Mercury is a naturally-occurring liquid chemical found in rocks. And although it isn’t man-made, it can be quite dangerous even in small amounts. A mercury spill of just three grams –  about the size of a pea – can easily present a serious health risk to people in the area through skin contact and more […]

How Can Large Companies Reduce Their Waste

National and international companies have embedded waste reduction strategies into many of their processes, from local efforts like recycling paper, plastics, and glass to switching their packing materials to reusable or sustainable packaging that is eco-friendly. Why are they doing this? Because the benefits of reducing waste go beyond following local, state, and legislation regulations […]

How Can Recycling Help Small Business?

Back it the day, large corporations were the only businesses that recycle. Smaller operations couldn’t afford the costs associated with purchasing bins and extra hauling fees.  Luckily, times have changed. Recycling is now part of the business culture in most companies, even small ones. Many cities require paper and glass recycling and where they don’t, […]

Oil Spill Response Plans and Procedures

Many industries are required to have oil spillage prevention procedures in place as well as oil spill contingency plans. While prevention is everyone’s goal–certainly no one benefits from oil spills–the natural disasters, equipment failure, and human error make it likely that one can happen. Oil spill control is no doubt on the minds of everyone […]

The Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injury was responsible for 1.1 million days away from work in 2017, with the majority of cases occurring in the private workforce. On a grimmer note, they are the second-leading cause of death among elderly persons.  Part of this is because there rarely is anything alleviate the impact of a slip and […]

Brady SPC Announces SpillFix® Granular Absorbents Partnership

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (March 9, 2017) — Brady (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, today announced the release of its new SpillFix® Granular Absorbents, endorsed by Brady SPC. This new absorbent product is 100% natural, safe, lightweight and easily deployed for effective spill absorption, even for hard to contain liquids […]