Frequently Asked Questions

Spill Kit FAQs

What is the best type of spill kit?

The best kind of spill kit is one with the right materials for instant, slick-free cleanup. A kit that does not require a secondary cleanup process and is quick and easy to transport to the scene of the spill.

What size spill kit should I buy?

Consider the likely size of your spills and get spill kits that will absorb the likely spill, leak or drip you need to be prepared for.

What’s in a spill kit?

A good spill kit includes:
– A lightweight granular absorbent
– Absorbent mats
– An absorbent boom sock
– Pillows
– Gloves
– Trash Bags
– Goggles

What is the best spill kit for a truck?

The best spill kit for a truck is one that can be easily accessed and that contains the correct materials to cleanup any leak, drip or spill immediately. A kit that contains SpillFix granular absorbent that is safe for the environment and fast acting.

What is the best Spill Kit for oil spills?

The best spill kit for oil spills include materials to leave the area slick-free and not requiring secondary cleanup with mops and buckets. This makes SpillFix spill kits that include a granular absorbent, as well as boom socks, mats, pillows and PPE, perfect for oil spills.

What is the best Spill Kit for chemical spills?

The best spill kit for chemical spills is one that does not require secondary mop & bucket cleanup. A kit with the right balance of chemical absorbent mats, pillows, boom socks, PPE and SpillFix granular absorbent to clean up any spill residue.

What is the best Spill Kit for gas station spills?

For gas station spills, the best spill kit is one that can get a slick-free clean in under 2 minutes. Get a lightweight kit that is safe and easy to deploy, and includes an effective granular absorbent against oil slicks, so you can get your attendant back behind the counter quickly.

What is the best Spill Kit for a water treatment plant?

The best spill kit for a water treatment plant is one with a granular absorbent that can absorb flocculants, other polymers and oil/water mixtures instantly. SpillFix granular absorbent is proven to be effective against all these materials and is included in all our spill kits.

What is the best Spill Kit for a commercial kitchen?

For fast-paced commercial kitchens, the best spill kit is one that is lightweight and easy to deploy when an oil or food spill occurs. One that includes mats, pillows, boom socks, PPE and SpillFix granular absorbent to quickly stop spills and leave a residue free clean.

What is the best Spill Kit for school janitors?

The best spill kit for school janitors is one with shaker jars of granular absorbent so you can quickly take care of smaller spills whether it’s in the cafeteria, classroom, front desk or really everywhere around campus.

Types of Spills

What should I use to clean an oil spill?

To clean an oil spill use a granular absorbent that will do the cleanup instantly and leave the surface slick-free and dry.

What should I use to clean a chemical spill?

To clean up a chemical spill use Chemical Only absorbent Mats. Followed by SpillFix granular absorbent to clean up the residue from the spill area.

How do I clean up oil slick from a spill?

Clean up an oil slick using SpillFix granular absorbent. Start by covering the slick with SpillFix, use a broom to rub the material into the slick. Sweep up up and repeat until the slick has been removed.

What is the most environmentally friendly way to clean up an oil spill?

The most environmentally friendly way to clean up an oil spill is to clean it quickly and with an absorbent that is created sustainably. SpillFix granular absorbent is made from 100% coconut husk, is non-toxic and sustainably made.

How to clean up flocculant spills?

The simplest proven method for cleaing up floculant spills is to use SpillFix granular absorbents. This absorbent is the only non-chemical absorbent (organic made from coconut husk) that absorbs the sticky water/flocculant mixtures in seconds. It cleans to a dry slick-free surface instantly.

How to clean up polymer spills?

Don’t use bleaches or chemicals. Use this proven method – SpillFix all natural granular absorbent.
1. Spread some SpillFix around the spill to prevent spill from spreading.
2. Cover entire spill with SpillFix.
3. Immediately, use a stiff broom and sweep back and forth, absorbing the spill liquid into the SpillFix absorbent.
4. Once all the liquid has been absorbed scoop up the SpillFix and place in a disposal bin/bag.
5. Dispose of the used SpillFix according to your local council regulations.

SpillFix FAQs

What can SpillFix absorb?

SpillFix is highly absorbent for a huge variety of substances, including polymers, oil, chemicals and food products. For an extensive list of what SpillFix granular absorbent can clean up, visit this page.

What training or technical documents do you provide?

You can access technical documents, our SDS and a variety of helpful videos throughout our site.
Download technical documents, including our SDS here.
Visit our Video Demo page for helpful videos.
Watch our Spanish training video here.

Is SpillFix safe for my workers?

Yes! SpillFix is made from 100% coconut husk, so unlike other clay-based absorbents it is silica dust free. This makes it safe for people and the planet.

Why should I use SpillFix instead of other methods, like mats or kitty litter?

Due to its capillary nature, SpillFix actually absorbs substances rather than simply mopping them up. This makes it quick and effective on all spills, plus it doesn’t leave a residue that requires extra cleanup. Read our full comparison on SpillFix versus other methods.

Can I hear from exisiting customers about their experience with SpillFix?

Yes! Read our happy customer case studies here or read our countless testimonials here.

Is SpillFix safe for use near food or organic materials?

Yes, SpillFix is 100% natural and non-toxic. Spillfix is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified as safe to use around food handling and preparation.