SpillFix Truck Spill Kit in Robust Stowaway Bag

Truck Spill Kits

Universal Spill Kits – Perfect for Truck Spills

SpillFix Universal Spill Kits all contain the world’s safest, fast acting SpillFix granular absorbent – perfect for cleaning up fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid and more. Used in conjunction with our assortment of boom socks, mats and pillows, you get a slick-free clean in record time, without the need for secondary cleanup with mops and buckets! For easier, safer cleanup, get a SpillFix truck spill kit.

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Economy Spill Kit | 1.76Gal


  • Universal spill absorbent
  • Absorbs up to 1.76Gal
  • High Visibility Portable Bag
  • Hi-Viz bag with handles and strong zipper

Economy Spill Kit | 1.52Gal


  • Universal spill absorbent
  • Absorbs up to 1.52Gal
  • High Visibility Portable Bag
  • Great for use in trucks, busses and rideshare vehicles

SpillFix Truck Spill Kit in Stowaway Bag


  • A robust, go-anywhere universal Spill Kit
  • Includes 2 x SpillFix Absorbent Dispenser Jars
  • Clean up fast leaving no slick residue

Truck Spill Kit in Stowaway Bag | 4Gal


  • Universal spill absorbent
  • Absorbs up to 4Gal
  • Carry straps and mounting D hooks to easily mount on walls and in vehicles
  • Compact and lightweight spill kit

Spill Kit 4Gal Bucket with SpillFix 3L Jar


  • Fast-acting absorbent for all workshops and worksite spills
  • Absorbs up to 3.3Gal
  • 4Gal Bucket with Lid & Handle
  • Fit for purpose to carry on heavy duty construction vehicles