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Truck Spill Kits

Universal Spill Kits – Perfect for Truck Spills

SpillFix Universal Spill Kits all contain the world’s safest, fast acting SpillFix granular absorbent – perfect for cleaning up fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid and more. Used in conjunction with our assortment of boom socks, mats and pillows, you get a slick-free clean in record time, without the need for secondary cleanup with mops and buckets! For easier, safer cleanup, get a SpillFix truck spill kit.

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Economy Spill Kit | 1.76Gal

$31.00 - $47.00

  • Absorbs up to 1.76Gal
  • Cleans up oil, chemicals, polymers and more

Economy Spill Kit | 1.52Gal

$31.00 - $47.00

  • Absorbs up to 1.52Gal
  • Cleans up oil, fuel, vomit, transmission fluid and more
  • Great for use in trucks and other vehicles

SpillFix Truck Spill Kit in Stowaway Bag

$132.00 - $156.00

  • Absorbs up to 3.29Gal
  • Cleans up oil, fuel, vomit, gas and more

Truck Spill Kit in Stowaway Bag | 4Gal

$132.00 - $156.00

  • Absorbs up to 4Gal
  • Cleans up oil, gas, fuel, transmission fluid and more
  • Perfect for trucks and vehicles

Spill Kit 4Gal Bucket with SpillFix 3L Jar

$62.00 - $95.00

  • Absorbs up to 3.3Gal
  • Cleans up oil, chemicals, polymers and more

SpillFix Truck Spill Kits

When you’re driving trucks, you need a spill kit that can fit conveniently into your truck, and is always there whenever you have a spill to clean up. SpillFix truck spill kits are designed to easily fit in your truck and are packed full of all of the things you need to quickly deal with spills. All our truck spill kits contain SpillFix lightweight granular absorbent, plus a variety of extras including boom socks. Store one behind your seat, mount it behind your cab or put it in your box compartment so you’re prepared for any spill.

What is the best spill kit for a truck?

The best spill kit for a truck is one that can be easily accessed and that contains the correct materials to cleanup any leak, drip or spill immediately. A kit that contains SpillFix granular absorbent that is safe for the environment and fast acting.

What is the best type of spill kit?

The best kind of spill kit is one with the right materials for instant, slick-free cleanup. A kit that does not require a secondary cleanup process and is quick and easy to transport to the scene of the spill.

What size spill kit should I buy?

Consider the likely size of your spills and get spill kits that will absorb the likely spill, leak or drip you need to be prepared for.

What is the best Spill Kit for oil spills?

The best spill kit for oil spills include materials to leave the area slick-free and not requiring secondary cleanup with mops and buckets. This makes SpillFix spill kits that include a granular absorbent, as well as boom socks, mats, pillows and PPE, perfect for oil spills.