We’re working hard to save the planet. You can help.

A lot of companies talk about sustainability. From start to finish, SpillFix lives it. Our spill absorbent products – and our company – reflect our deep commitment to being stewards for the Earth for future generations.

planet friendly and sustainable

“Our company mission is all about sustainability so SpillFix is a great fit for us.”
– John, Oil & Steel Industry

Choose the most planet-friendly spill absorbent on the market

We are re-using the world’s coconut waste

Every year, 75 billion coconuts are harvested around the world, generating an enormous amount of coconut husk waste.

In the top-producing nations of Sri Lanka, India, and Malaysia, SpillFix extracts the fibrous coir from discarded coconut husks and converts this natural material into a safe, effective spill absorbent. This solves the problem of the waste created from the coconut harvest and produces a product that is 100% organic and renewable.

We are reducing industrial spill waste

After it’s used to clean up a spill, SpillFix dramatically reduces the amount of industrial waste headed to landfills. Clay-based solutions contain carcinogens. The clay used in these products is dug out of the ground in one part of the country. It ends up back in the ground as vast amounts of toxic waste in landfills in other parts of the country.

SpillFix is reusable and highly-absorbent, so companies use less absorbent to soak up spills and generate less cleanup waste for disposal. This represents a win-win for the company and the planet.

We are reducing industrial spill waste
socially sustainable

We’re saving people too!

SpillFix helps communities along our supply chain become more economically and socially sustainable. We provide company healthcare programs, community outreach programs and work to help these communities to be self-sustaining. We are fully committed to:

  • Fair labor practices Fair pay for fair work, and absolutely no child labor
  • Healthcare Healthy workers are important for healthy communities
  • Community outreach programs to support young and old alike
  • Local livelihoods Residents can find opportunities in their own communities

At every step, SpillFix protects the planet

No tree cutting. No mining. SpillFix uses coconut husks – an abundant natural waste product.

Coconut husks are processed at the source of the waste stream with minimal transit

Lightweight SpillFix requires less energy for packaging and transit. Specially designed bags remove air for more efficient shipping and storage.

Absorbs all types of spills with minimal bulk. Thorough. No wasteful secondary cleanup needed. Reusable. Use again and again until saturated to reduce waste.

Requires less energy for disposal. Reduces the amount of absorbent waste headed to landfills by 66%.

SpillFix Environmental Lifecycle

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