The Top 5 Best Ford Vehicles, According to SpillFix

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“Ford.” This single syllable word carries a lot of power and history behind it. How can it not? Ford – the preferred way to refer to The Ford Motor Company – has been around since 1903, when it was founded by famous industrialist Henry Ford. That means that this multinational car company has been making and selling vehicles for 110 years. 110 years is a lot of time to invent and produce all kinds of automobiles. The very thought of picking, say, five of the best models ever produced can be a little intimidating. But we here at SpillFix are certainly willing to give it a shot! Without further ado, here are what we in our humble opinion consider to be the five best Ford vehicles made and sold throughout this proud company’s history. 5. What would a top five list of Ford cars be without a nod to the car that started it all? This isn’t to say that the Ford Model T was the very first car ever produced – it certainly wasn’t. It wasn’t even Henry Ford’s first automobile, as a number of Ford prototypes existed before the Model T was invented. It was, however, the first affordable automobile, thanks to Henry Ford’s assembly line; it was also the car for which major markets began emerging that offered regular car maintenance on everything from paint jobs to new parts, and these markets were made possible by the T’s interchangeable parts. Considered by many to be the most influential car of the 20th century, there’s no doubt in our minds that the game-changing “Tin Lizzie” deserves this top on our top five Ford cars of all time for opening up incredible possibilities for the future of automobiles. 4. Our #4 spot goes to a more modern Ford vehicle. In production since the mid-2000s, the Ford Fusion is one of the company’s best selling models. These American cars feature European-inspired looks and driving dynamics that are designed specifically to compete with their overseas counterparts. As a result of its design and running abilities, the Fusion has won numerous awards since 2006, including the Total Quality Award, the Motor Trend Car of the Year, Car And Driver magazine’s 10 Best Cars, and the North American Car of the Year. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is also probably one of the best hybrid options available from any company today. Budget friendly, good fuel economy, award winning – what more could you ask for from an American classic? 3. At #3 is the Ford Mustang; while sales for the car peaked in the 1960s, the Mustang is still as iconic for Ford as the Model T – and just because sales peaked back then does not mean they’re doing badly today! Ford’s Mustang actually inspired a whole line of “pony cars” – affordable, compact and yet sporty machines – and are also well known for excelling on NASCAR racetracks throughout history. With good looks and a speedy design that offers an excellent drive, we can see why the Mustang became a classic, popular staple of Ford – and why it continues to win the hearts of fans today. 2. At #2 is the Ford Crown Victoria, otherwise known as the police car of choice for more than a decade. A rear-wheel drive sudan, this car is powerful, sturdy, and fast. It’s layout and durability made it the perfect car for taxi and police fleets, especially during the 1990s. It’s a shame this car was discontinued in the 2011 model year, and while most police fleets are slowing updating their vehicles to newer models and automobiles, we will always remember the Vic fondly for its years of service in fighting crime and protecting our nation’s citizens. 1. And finally, our #1 choice: the 1932 Ford V8. Ruled as the #1 car of all time by Edmunds a couple of years ago, this automobile defined American automotive culture for over eight decades. Featuring a stylish look from overseas and available at a very affordable price thanks to the same set-up that helped the Model T get its start, it was truly considered the working man’s car. Today, we salute this often overlooked and unappreciated little antique for everything it contributed to the automotive world. Do you agree with this list, or do you think that we’re way, way off the mark? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear what YOUR top 5 Ford cars list includes!