5 Common Questions About The SpillFix Absorbent Product

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If you work with absorbent products, then you’ve certainly experienced problems with their use at one point or another. Whether they created an unhealthy cloud of dust in your work space or simply failed to properly clean the very spill they were bought to clean, we’re willing to bet that your go-to absorbent product is not the perfect solution to your needs. When we created SpillFix, we did so wanting to meet the need for safer, smarter, and more efficient items on the absorbent product market. And we ensured that by design, SpillFix would be a special absorbent product that would meet the needs of the average business today. As SpillFix is a relatively new product, today we want to address some of the questions that we hear about our wonderful absorbent product: What exactly is SpillFix? SpillFix is a special industrial organic absorbent that stands out from other absorbent products thanks to it’s friendliness to the environment. SpillFix is much more environmentally and workplace friendly than most absorbent products as it’s made from a renewable resource – coconut husks – and can be disposed in landfills without posing a risk to the environment. What can SpillFix be used to clean? SpillFix deals with both water-based and oil-based spills on hard surfaces. It thoroughly absorbs most industrial workplace-related spills, including fuel spills, lubricant spills, coolant spills, acids spills and a range of oil spills, including mineral, vegetable, animal, and synthetic oils. Though SpillFix will not effectively work on some spills (like those of high concentrated and volatile corrosives, volatile solvents, formaldehyde, and hazardous organic waste), it very efficiently takes care of the most probable workplace spills. SpillFix can also be used as a precautionary measure to collect leaked  liquids to prevent stains  on work surfaces such as loading areas, refueling depots and workshops. How does SpillFix work? Since it’s made from coconut husks, SpillFix contains coir fibers specially processed to effectively absorb fluids without breaking down. The result is an absorbent product that can absorb up to 9 times its own weight. SpillFix also effectively contains the liquids it absorbs, preventing leakage and making SpillFix easy to handle when it’s disposed after a spill. How safe is SpillFix to use? SpillFix is a very safe product to use, in more ways than one:
  • SpillFix can be safely disposed of through landfill waste disposal processes, although it’s always good to check local ordinances before disposing of any used product.
  • SpillFix is a non-carcinogenic product that’s silica- and chemical-free, making it practically hazardless to the workers who use it.
  • As a product SpillFix meets and exceeds standards and requirements for safety and health laid out by the EPA and OH&S.
What really sets SpillFix apart from other absorbents? SpillFix excels in efficiency. This absorbent rapidly absorbs spills while using smaller amounts of product than would be needed with other brands. Because it absorbs faster, there are fewer slippery and muddy stains that require extra cleaning after the initial spill. Additionally, SpillFix is much more worker- and environmentally-friendly than many other adsorbents available today, as many absorbent products require chemical treatments before they’re sold, where SpillFix does not. Where can I learn more about SpillFix? Those interested in learning more should either explore our website or comment on this blog directly – we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have!