Can You SpillFix That Spill?

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Hopefully, by now you know that SpillFix is a great, all-natural spill absorbent product made from renewable resources. Most people know that you can use SpillFix to clean fuel spills and oil spills. But did you know that you can also use the very same SpillFix product that can tackle grimy oil and fuel spills to clean other industrial messes like paint, cooking oil, and even battery acid? We designed SpillFix specifically to handle a range of spills and clean-up situations because we understand just how many different accidents may require an emergency cleanup. For example, a lot of business keep paint cans in their garages. This is a common occurrence since many offices need to repaint their walls often in order to keep them looking professional. The garage is normally a good place for them because it is cool, dry, and out of the way of regular business practices. However, previously opened and used paint cans are likely to spill, and if the matter isn’t addressed quickly you could find yourself with an oddly stained floor. Additionally, the odor that spilled paint gives off can be harmful to the respiratory system. Fortunately, SpillFix’s coconut husk base absorbs the spill and makes for a safe and easy clean-up. SpillFix can also clean out the inside of the cans so they can be reused as a storage containers. Businesses with storage garages aren’t the only ones who can benefit from SpillFix. Large, industrial kitchens have a lot going on every day. When cooking oil spills on the floor, it creates a dangerous, slick surface for workers. And in an area filled with hot stoves, hot fryers, and numerous hard corners and surfaces, slipping on said spills can cause nasty work injuries. The good news is that SpillFix can be used clean up these mishaps quickly and efficiently. The absorbent product quickly stops the spread and cleans any residue that remains, completely eliminating any chance of a slip or fall. Finally, one of the most dangerous types of spills that workers encounter is battery acid. This is a risk that car garages and other industrial sites must be prepared for, as batteries can corrode and leak if they become too old or if they are not taken care of properly. Leaking battery acid causes serious problems in the industrial service due to its corrosive nature. Don’t worry, though: SpillFix can handle a corrosive battery acid leak. This means that when a worker proceeds with this absorbent product during the acid clean up, they can clear the dangerous substance without ever needing to get too close to the spill before it’s neutralized. SpillFix’s versatility is exactly what makes it such a useful product for a range of industries and operations. Even if you are not in the car business, there are still many opportunities that warrant the use of a safe, all natural spill absorbent. You should SpillFix it!