How To Make Sure Your Spill Cleaning Products Are Truly Green

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Is your company using truly green, eco-friendly cleaning products to keep its shop or offices clean or to pick up liquid spills? As concerns about pollution and dwindling natural resources rise, more and more 21st century citizens are attempting to go green, and want businesses to do the same. As a result business owners have responded by adopting more green policies. Simultaneously, to meet the demands of business owners or individuals who want to be less wasteful and more conscious of their cleaning methods, we’ve seen the invention of new lines of ‘green’ products, meant to be just as effective while causing less harm to the Earth and to workers alike. Sadly, more often than not a green product is not truly green with many products not meeting their advertised eco-friendly claims. How does this happen? For starters, many green products’ ingredients include dangerous chemicals as part of their composition which can be inhaled or can linger in an office and  harm a person’s health. Another common problem is that a green product may not properly absorb the mess it was supposed to clean. Consequently when the product and the mess are dumped into landfills (often illegally), both the green product and the original mess can leak toxic chemicals into the surrounding soil. This is especially true of industrial waste, where absorbent products are often used to clean up after fuel spills, acid spills, chemical spills, oil and lubricant spills. Does this mean we should give up on finding safe, green products? Not at all. The good news is that not every green product includes dangerous chemicals, and plenty are actually made from recycled or, even better, renewable resources. For example, SpillFix, an organic absorbent product meant to help tackle everything from oil to paint to lubricant and fuel spills, is made not from chemicals, but from naturally occurring coconut husks. (Yes, coconut husks!) SpillFix is a truly green product> It’s made from a renewable resource and it thoroughly absorbs the mess it cleans/SpillFix also prevents any toxic chemicals that it may have picked up from leaking back into the landfills it’s dumped into. However, for every truly green product sold today, there are many that don’t meet the criteria of a green product, and yet are sold under the green label. The solution to this problem? Vote with our wallets. Whether they’re looking for office or industrial spill-strength cleaning products to keep their building or distributor warehouse running, both individuals and companies can show companies they want a greener product market simply by buying greener products. A little research can quickly reveal what to and what not to buy. One of the great resources you can use to learn what meets today’s green standards includes the EPA’s Database for Environmental Information for Products and Services. It also only takes a few moments to Google the ingredients of a product. With so much information made so easily available to us, we can surely take the time to make sure that the product we buy won’t do more harm than good if its used. In this case, what we buy really can make a difference!