Coconut Husks: SpillFix’s Miracle Renewable Resource

 In The Buzz
“SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent instantly absorbs any liquid spill on contact, so spill areas can be cleaned up with minimum downtime and the area immediately rendered safe. SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent is clean, dust-free and non-abrasive. With SpillFix there is no after clean-up mess to handle as with heavy sticky clay or absorbent pads.” For someone reading over our website or exploring our product line for the first time, this description probably sounds too good to be true, especially given the trouble that many other absorbent products on the market often cause for businesses looking for the simplest way to clean up a liquid spill. We’re here to say, doubt no more, as tests have repeatedly revealed that SpillFix products truly do deliver all that they promise. So what exactly is the secret to our adsorbents’ amazing abilities? Believe it or not, the incredible absorbency found in SpillFix products is all thanks to a simple and entirely renewable resource: coconut husks. Each of our SpillFix products are manufactured from coconut husks, which are an incredibly abundant resource overseas. In fact, 70 billion coconut husks are produced in Asia alone every year. Due to this incredible abundance, each of our SpillFix products are manufactured at factories that we specifically placed near or within coconut plantations, meaning that minimal transportation of the coconut husks we use to a processing plant is ever required. There are additional benefits to using coconut husks as the base for our products. SpillFix by design – in part thanks to the coconut husks – absorbs hydrocarbon spills by encapsulating the spill and trapping it inside it’s hollow channel structure. Because of this, when a used SpillFix product is disposed of, it provides a perfect environment for the development of bio-degrading organisms that can oxidize the adsorbed hydrocarbons faster than the biodegradation of the organic SpillFix itself. Or, put simply, the absorbed chemical or material degrades naturally, rather than being released back into the environment and potentially causing any harm. So what exactly does all of this mean? It means that SpillFix’s products are the height of green innovation. We say this for several reasons:
  • SpillFix products are made from an abundant, natural, renewable resource that is easily accessible (as opposed to being made from cut-down trees or mined materials).
  • SpillFix products require minimal processing before they’ve been prepared for use, which helps cut down on potential pollution from a factory.
  • Most importantly, our products are safe. Not only do they pose no threat to the health of the people that use them (which is why coconut husks are also used as a cleaning item in some homes), but they ensure that any harmful materials or chemicals picked up during a spill are not released back into the environment post clean-up.
In summary, our product is not only made from a green renewable resource – it is also truly environmentally friendly throughout its entire use and lifespan. Because of this, we have high hopes for SpillFix, and cannot wait to see what kind of difference it will make!