How Do You Save With SpillFix?

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When it comes to your business, you always want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality for the lowest price. But, in terms of worker safety, it’s important to spare no expense. What if we told you there was a way to keep your employees as safe as possible while also helping your business  save money in the long run? Although SpillFix’s upfront price may be a bit higher than a traditional clay absorbent, the long term savings of the natural absorbent product outweighs the initial cost. Through increased worker productivity, a safer working environment, and an easier disposal method, SpillFix ultimately saves time and money by offering a high ROI to any business that uses it. SpillFix Cleans Spills Faster Think about all the combined time your workers put in when cleaning up a spill in the workplace. SpillFix will take up to 85% less time to clean up a spill compared to clay based absorbents – meaning less downtime and fewer wasted man-hours. SpillFix Uses Less Product If a worker uses a clay absorbent, they normally end up using a high quantity of product to completely clean a spill. With SpillFix, nearly 80% less product is required as compared to clay based absorbents. And due to its super absorbency, SpillFix can often be used for more than one spill. SpillFix Protects More Workers Because SpillFix cleans spills more efficiently than clay absorbent products, the floor is more likely to be clean and free of slippery fall hazards after workers clean the spill. When the floor is kept safe for workers, business owners spend less money on worker compensation. SpillFix Creates Less Waste SpillFix has an environmental life cycle that’s second to none. It creates less waste and is landfill safe, resulting in a lower disposal cost with no environmental impact (of course, you would always want to check your local landfill requirements to avoid any local legal repercussions). As stated earlier, as a business owner, it’s important to protect your bottom line. However, you never want to cut costs at the expense of worker safety. That is why we created SpillFix, a product that will continuously allow you to save money without compromising the safety of your workers.