How SpillFix Protects the Environment While Protecting Workers

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Protecting workers from dangerous, accidental spills is our foremost concern. But if we can provide an effective spill absorbent product while taking care of our planet, why shouldn’t we? That philosophy is why the SpillFix team works so hard to treat our planet with respect while creating our absorbent product. Here’s just a few of the ways we’ve gone green with SpillFix:
  1. We Use Renewable Resources To The Fullest
SpillFix’s base ingredient, coir, is extracted from the hairy husk of the coconut fruit. Our combined production facilities have access to over 18 billion coconut husks annually, spread across three countries. Instead of logging the coconut-producing palm trees completely, harvesters climb the trunks to extract the fruit in the most environmentally stable way possible. No trees are cut down, nor are any pulping or mining processes required to produce SpillFix, making it the most ecologically sustainable absorbent product available.
  1. We Produce A Small Carbon Footprint
For other companies, transporting resources to factories is one of the biggest energy consuming parts of the production process. SpillFix is manufactured right at our factories, which are located within coconut plantations. This means minimal transportation of the raw material (coconut husks) to the processing plant is required. Plus, our environmentally aware production employs low energy processes. Ultimately, reducing both our energy consumption and carbon footprint means less amounts of harmful pollutants are put into our atmosphere.
  1. We Clean Up responsibly From Start To Finish
A key feature of SpillFix is the way that it thoroughly absorb hydrocarbon spills by encapsulating a spill and trapping it inside its hollow channel structure , This same feature is why SpillFix provides a perfect environment for the development of bio-degrading organisms that can oxidize the adsorbed hydrocarbons faster than the biodegradation of the organic SpillFix itself. In fact, SpillFix industrial organic absorbent product has been tested to the US EPA Leachate standards for landfill disposal (of course, you should always check with local disposal regulations as well). The result? SpillFix is not likely to leak any absorbed product into a landfill, making it environmentally friendly even after use. Going green is more than a trend – it’s a cost-saving, safer alternative for businesses looking to avoid unnecessary messes and fines. The next time you’re shopping to restock your company’s absorbent product,  take a moment to consider SpillFix’s renewable resource makeup, its small carbon producing procedure, and its ability to be disposed of safely. This absorbent truly is the best choice for businesses looking for an effective and environmentally friendly product.