How To Prepare Yourself For An Incident Free Work Day

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The process of preparing yourself for a day of work shouldn’t be just a five minute process of grabbing your lunch and walking out the door. Making sure you have the stamina and mind set to put in eight hours (or possibly more) of work takes a lot more planning and effort. At SpillFix, we suggest following these steps for an incident free day at work. 1. Prepare Your Things The Night Before: Whether you need to take a briefcase, tools or some extra safety gear with you to work, make sure you lay those things out in the same spot every night before you go to bed. Running around in the morning searching for your things could cause you unneeded stress before the work day. This stress sometimes negatively affects the memory of workers, which can contribute to the likelihood of people participating in poor (or even dangerous) working methods. 2. Get A Good Night’s Sleep: Recently, the National Sleep Foundation released its newest study outlining an updated amount of hours people should sleep at night in order to fully function during the day. For people ages 18 to 64, experts recommend sleeping about seven to nine hours a night. Those who don’t get enough sleep at night are at risk of causing accidents at work due to slower motor functions and an impaired depth perception. 3. Eat A Healthy Breakfast: Although it may be tempting to skip breakfast every now and then, numerous resources and research have stressed the importance of always eating a morning meal. In fact, those who skip out on breakfast could have issues with their problem solving skills, as well as experience a dip in moods. Eating a balanced breakfast in the morning (such as a bowl of multigrain cereal and a piece of fruit) can give workers the boost they need make it through their day safely. These simple tips can help set the tone for how you’ll approach your day at work. The next time you get home from work, take the time to plan out your next day. By taking a moment to organize, you could save yourself from a stress filled morning or even a dangerous day at work.